Hello Monday!

Am I glad you are here …

Okay, well maybe I’m missing the weekend a little because I was finally feeling better and able to enjoy some time with my boys. But … I am glad to jump back into a routine and try to get caught up on several to-do’s that got pushed to the side last week.

So I’m saying hello to …

Birthday party planning/prepping. My Little is turning {9} next week and we’ve got a long weekend of celebrating planned. Two parties, but I’m doing my best to keep both of them simple, sweet and focused on celebrating the birthday boy.

Valentine baking. Big oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for grown-ups and sugar cookie hearts for the kiddos. Okay, call me a kiddo because sugar cookies with thick buttercream frosting are my FAV!

Mint. New mint necklace, mint watch and mint wallet. It may be the year of ‘EMERALD’ green, but right now, it’s the minty fresh green that is catching my eye.

Taxes. Weird I know, but I actually like doing our taxes. Especially when my business bookeeping is done {hurrah} and probably because we usually get a little $$ back. I know that is not the goal, but it’s always nice to get a little than to have to give some more.

Online sermons. I’ve started calling James MacDonald my online pastor. I’m especially enjoying his series called When Life is Hard. Nice timing with my infertility posts, no?

Running. Wait, running, what’s that? We’ve got a week of warm{ish} temperatures and sunny skies in the forecast and I hope to get back to it … I miss it so.

What are you saying hello to this week?


  1. Hello to feeling better! Glad you are feeling better for the week ahead. Running, yeah, I’ve got to do that at the gym. If it isn’t 60-70° outside, I’m a baby about it.

  2. I am loving mint this year too! I can’t get enough of it!

  3. I really like doing our taxes too – I’m crazy! :-)

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