How we do Valentine’s Day!!

I mentioned earlier that I love Valentine’s Day … not for the over-commercialized holiday aspect, but for the general reminder to show & tell your loved ones that YOU LOVE THEM.

It doesn’t have to be big over the top gestures that cost a ton … I think *most* people just want to feel like they’re loved and that doesn’t cost much at all.

For the Little’s school Valentine’s, I showed him three different choices on Pinterest::

Source: via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest

Source: inchmark via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest

Source: via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest

And like Jeanett wrote about in her post yesterday, I am the one that wanted to do something a bit more creative. My Little would have been just as thrilled with store bought Valentine’s and candy. By letting him choose his Valentine he was involved and ended up with something he was really excited to give to his classmates.

Here was his pick::

In our house, if you’re the Little, you wake up to a little bit of sweets and treats waiting on the kitchen table.

This year, it was a Reese’s heart {totally purchased with ME in mind} & Skittles {all him, don’t worry … I wasn’t entirely selfish with my purchases} and a new book {Smells Like Treasure, a follow up to the much enjoyed Smells Like Dog … both purchased through the Scholastic Book Fairs at 50% off} & a Technic Lego set {purchased with Toys-R-Us $$ from Christmas purchases}. Total spent was less than $10.

Source: via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest

If you were my Sweets, you came home to a little love note {from the lovely freebie set by Jones Design Co.} and a very good {trying to sound like Ina} chocolate bar.

And if you were Me, you woke up to your beloved Starbucks iced tea, a love card and a very good chocolate bar.

Normally, I’d shuttle the Little off to school with a heart shaped PB&J and another little love note and conversation hearts to make his lunch a little more special.

BUT … not when you wake mama up at 5AM with a nasty cough and fever.

Boo! Change of plans … we’ll now be enjoying a day of jammies and books and movies.

I was in charge of bringing sugar cookies, frosting and sprinkles for the class party today so I’ll be dropping those off later today and picking up Little’s Valentine’s.

We’ll probably finish off the day with a heart pizza and some sugar cookies.

Nothing wild and crazy, just enough out of the ordinary to be special and filled with lots of extra reminders of our love for each other.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours too!


  1. We are having heart shaped pizza and Italian sodas tonight. Hope the fever passes quickly.

  2. Julie T says:

    Sweet post! I love all 3 of the classroom ideas! So sorry to hear E is sick…I thought his voice sounded a bit rough last night! Enjoy your day.

  3. Happy hearts day, Andrea! I used my mug cuff today while we were on the go for most of it!! And I love my new key holder, thanks so much!!

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