Friday and the First of February?!?
Both of those snuck up on me … how about you?
Ya know what else is trying to sneak up on me? Another cold. For real. Bug!
{I’m blaming my trice-weekly interaction in a confined space with children under the age of 10.}
Anyway, moving on … I’m finishing up this blog post, painting my nails and snuggling into my warm bed with a good book this Friday evening. Cold or not, I can’t think of a better way to spend my evening.

life rearranged

Here’s a peek at my week via Instagram::
A trim, fresh color on the roots and beach curls? Yes, please! That was a lovely way to spend last Friday. P.S. I creatively cropped out the third eye {aka horrible pimple} gracing my forehead.
Saturday I got to enjoy a date with my Sweets. A delicious dinner followed by some magazine reading & Starbucks. Let’s not talk about the 45 minutes we got to hang out in JoAnns waiting for one cut of fabric. Ugh … that place can {almost} ruin a date night.
So we’ve always read to the Little at night … since he was well … little little. Now a days he also gets an extra 45 minutes to read after that. I decided I was going to start joining him 4 days a week. It’s a good unwind to the day and sweet time together.
It was a washi-lovin’ week around here. In fact, up until this week my washi tape collection *mostly* fit into this vintage muffin tin. Not so much now … good thing I think I have an equally (if not cuter) option. Maybe I’ll take a picture of that for you this week! I got my latest tapes from Pick Your Plum and Life Made Lovely’s The Paperie {she had an IG Flash Sale}.
I had an Insta-Sale too! I made up a few key fobs at the request of a friend and decided to share with my IG feed too. I have one of the red/white polka dot if anyone is interested. $7/shipped to the first person that leaves their PayPal addy in a comment.
** Another fun reason to follow me on IG. I think I might just have another lovely little Insta-Sale on Monday! **
I’m an Awana leader at our church and decided to try my hand at a pinewood car for our Grand Prix race. Can you believe I did not come in FIRST on design?!? My Sweets was a little perplexed at how I came in almost LAST on speed … but either way it was FUN making this little cutie.
And last … this month’s Julep box. I am SO excited to try {like right after I hit publish on this post} this month’s new product, the Freedom Top Coat that is supposed to work like a gel finish with the ease of polish removal. I will be sure to report back. If you haven’t tried out this fun monthly ‘treat’ you can sign up here and a quick search for a promo code should get you your first box for a few $$ if not pennies.
Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


  1. Ooohhh I love the key fob. Kennachristine@gmail.com

  2. Love your car!! Interested to hear about the topcoat. I was not impressed with their polishes :/

  3. Love Love Love your car!!! I can’t believe it didn’t win first prize!

  4. Oh, your car is great!!! Our pinewood derby is coming up a few weeks – it’s our first time too. Can’t wait to see how it turns out! I also love my Feb Julep box. I haven’t tried out the top coat yet, but I slapped the oxygen treatment right on my sad little nails. I love that it has a little color to it, so I look “polished” while I am giving my nails a break. Have a great weekend!

  5. You got to go to a fabric store on a date night! What a guy! Must be a keeper!

  6. Still so inspired from seeing your pic on IG reading with your son. I am starting this tonight with mine! I am terrible about making time for myself to read so this is such a great solution. Thanks for posting it!

  7. The Car is ROCK STAR!!! I cant wait to hear about the top coat!

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