My first {creative} love …

… is paper.

Long before I spent hours peddling away at a sewing machine, I would spend hours cutting and pasting. I loved paper before it was cool to love paper. I loved paper so much I thought that Kinko’s would be a dream job. Paper, paper, paper …

For a stint I designed and produced invitations and announcements.

I had my Little and I jumped head first into the world of scrapbooking. Touching, feeling and hoarding PAPER.

So, it’s no surprise that I haven’t totally been able to ‘kick the paper habit’ since I started sewing. I did have to get really honest with myself though and realize in my current season, I’m just not going to scrapbook. Not traditionally or digitally. I purged A LOT of product and paired down to the things I loved the most. For this season, my creative paper outlet is card making. Quick little projects that pack a lot of love when they’re given.

This year, in combination with my goal of cultivating a better attitude of gratitude with thank you notes, I’m trying to send a birthday, hello, thinking of you card to my friends, both close and not-as-close. I’m two months in and loving in.

Enough chatter, let’s look at my most recent batch of cards::

{Disclaimer:: While I love making cards, I do not love thinking up a design. I need to focus my time on making, not thinking. So, these are all ‘scrap lifts’ of other creative individuals who I have done my best to properly credit.}

{And HELLO good timing PICK YOUR PLUM. Just as I finished drafting this post last night, I got a heads up on today’s AWESOME deal. I can’t spill the beans just yet … but I’ll give you a hint … it would help you make the above cards {wink, wink}. Go check it out at 7AM MST when the WASHI TAPE … yes, WASHI TAPE deal is live.*
You’re welcome!}

Inspiration Credit:: via Knitty Bitties Pin on Pinterest

Inspiration Credit:: via Knitty Bitties Pin on Pinterest

Inspiration Credit:: via Knitty Bitties Pin on Pinterest

Inspiration Credit:: via Knitty Bitties Pin on Pinterest

Fun right? I still love it! February and March cards are all done and waiting to be mailed or delivered. You can see more of my card inspiration on my Pinterest board, Ideas for Cards/Silhouette.
Do you still take the extra effort to mail an actual card? Do you ever make your cards?
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  1. GM Andrea, I love card making and make all my cards. The time it takes to make one is truly a gift and I feel that they are appreciated. Your cards are great and I really like the Valentine’s Day, Baby and money cards. Take card. Connie

  2. Your cards are really cute and I have started making some of my own cards and really enjoy it. Thanks for sharing and I ordered the washi tape a few minutes ago !! Have a great day !!

  3. adorable cards! i make all my own cards and love it! now i just need to get better about actually sending them out. thanks for the heads up on the washi deal…going to check it out now. :)

  4. They’re so nice!!! I’m a paper geek too :)

  5. LOVE the money card! I think I will try that. How coute would it be with one candle on a cupcake for a 1st bday?!
    My dad & his wife life for the winter at Pelican Preserve in FL. There is a lady who LOVES cardmaking & she leaves them in a box in the gym for $3/each on the honor system. The Valentine he picked out for me whill be forever cherished!

  6. I really love the one with the money rolled up!!! Could you just make one of those for me and go ahead and list it in your etsy shop? Thanks. :)

  7. I’ve always loved getting cards from you! My all time favorite card is the one you included in that beautiful plant when we moved into this house. I still have it hanging up in my craft room. I love what it says inside just as much as the cute front!

    And you know I especially loved the money card :)

  8. So pretty! My fave is the brown/red butterfly card, but they are all super cute. You are so talented =)

  9. Very cute! I’m like you, the creative designing is so hard and time consuming to come up with. I like to follow someone else’s design.

  10. Card making is definitely my thing. So much fun! Your cards are beautiful – especially the butterfly and elephant ones.

  11. The Butterfly card is so pretty and the Birthday card is so cute! What a clever idea. I may have to try that for the next Birthday. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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