The truth behind the magic mirror …

Hi friends!
I meant/intended to post this yesterday, but got too wrapped up {ha, pun intended} in celebrating the Little’s 9th birthday!! Seriously … how did that happen. I am absolutely not okay with it, but no one seems to be asking me!

So … for some time now, I’ve had this ‘discussion’ swimming around in my head. It’s popped up over and over which tells me it’s something I need to share. I hope that you get something out of it …

I have a magic mirror.

Some of you have seen it in my previous WIWW posts. Others might recognize it from my Instagram feed. And still some have NO idea what I’m talking about. Let me show you a few pictures of me and the magic mirror::

I joke that it takes 10 pounds off. Seriously, whether it’s the angle {it’s slightly tilted against the wall in our bedroom} or the phone or what … I don’t feel like it’s a very accurate view of the ‘real me.’

So when I get comments on my outfit pictures about being thin or skinny … I’m first embarrassed, second apologetic and third I feel like I need to give you the ‘truth’  behind the mirror {and the girl in the mirror}.

Today, I’m giving you the truth. Ready, hold on …

Truth: I do not believe I’m ‘skinny’ … I do however believe that I am a healthy weight and a very lucky girl {explanation on this to follow}.

Truth: I am 5′ 7″ with disproportionately long legs. I have almost no upper body comparatively.

Truth: I do not workout everyday. Lately {as in the last 3 months} I’m lucky if I work out 1x a week.

Truth: I do love to RUN but have never found it to help me lose weight. In fact I usually gain it {muscle I suppose?!?} and my “backside” lifts just enough to make my pants snug or cause me to go up a size. Rude.

Truth: I’m not a sedentary person. I rarely sit and relax. I’m almost always doing something.

Truth: I LOVE to eat. Not only do I not believe in starving myself or skipping meals, I’m not sure that I could, I really LOVE food that much.

Truth: I do not drink my calories very often. My beverage of choice is un-sweetened black iced tea. No calories. My next beverage of choice is water. I do enjoy a soda a few times a week, but typically only when we’re out to eat.

Truth: I rarely eat fast food. If I do it’s usually a sandwich. I’d rather have a nice sit down dinner occasionally rather than fast food frequently.

Truth: I LOVE sweets. Candy and chocolate, not so much … but doughnuts, cookies, cake, ice cream, pie, blah, blah, blah … yes please,

Truth: I eat in moderation. If I enjoy a few cookies in a day, I will most likely choose to eat fewer carbs for lunch and instead fill up with a giant salad.

Truth: I eat a lot of fiber. I’m getting older and the truth is I NEED to fiber for everything to work right {need I elaborate?!?} and for me to feel good.

Truth: I eat Fiber One for breakfast almost every day. If for some reason I don’t have it for breakfast, it’s probably what I eat for lunch. Not just out of necessity, but I really like it.

Do I sound like I’m in my 80’s now?!?

Truth: I love SLEEP almost as much as I love food. As in ideally I’d like 9 hours a night. 8 hours will work. 5-6 hours is not cutting it {guess what I’ve been getting lately?!?}.

Truth: I take naps a lot. Usually they are 30 minutes, but sometimes they are 2 hours. Like I said, I love sleep.

Truth: Although I’m at a healthy weight that I’m happy with, I weigh about 10 pounds more than when I got pregnant with my son.

Truth: I still have a baby pooch. My baby just turned 9.

Truth: The number one thing I dislike about my body is the baby pooch.

Truth: I do almost nothing to help get rid of the baby pooch.

Truth: My weight tends to fluctuate within a 5lb range each month. Certain weeks it’s higher than others … thank you hormones and female cycles.

Truth: I weigh myself several times a week. I do this not because I’m obsessed with my weight, but because I know it keeps me in check. If it starts creeping up too much, I am a little better with my food moderation. I say no to dessert a little more and pick up some fruit instead.

Truth: I have very good genes. Seriously, I feel like your heredity is HUGE in how you gain/lose weight.

Truth: I usually lose weight weight when I’m stressed out. There’s been a little bit of stress in my life the last 3 months. I’ve lost weight. As soon as life balances out … those lost pounds come find me. Every.single.time.

Truth: I weigh 130-135lbs and I’ve been this same weight for at least the last five years.

Truth: I have everything from size 4-9, S-L in my closet. It all depends on the fit and the manufacturer. The numbers have little to do with my real size.

And there you have it.

A lot of truth. All the stuff you don’t know when I post a picture of myself in my magic mirror.

I didn’t post any of it to brag or say look at me. In fact I hesitated to even put ‘real’ numbers in the post lest someone think that I was angling for compliments. I put them in there to be HONEST. To show you the real picture. To tell you that I am not some health nut that works out all the time and eats boiled chicken and salad and only has ‘a bite’ of dessert. That I am very lucky with my genetic make-up, but I also do pay close attention to and make adjustments to keep my weight in a healthy range.

The truth is I have many girlfriends who work out HARD every day, every week. They count calories and eat right and still STRUGGLE to lose weight. It’s not fair. I totally agree. Not that I sit back and do nothing, but I sure don’t have to work hard at it like so many others.

This is in NO WAY a how to lose weight post, or how I stay thin or anything of the likes. It’s just an attempt to remove any false appearances or perceptions and encourage us all to be the real us. Don’t try to create an online persona that is different from your real life person. People will see right through it.

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  1. This post made me laugh a little. I’m not sure that was your intention in sharing it but I think it’s because I know it all to be so true! Especially the nap part. And the cookie part.

    God made us all different. I don’t think that gives us permission to not take care of ourselves but I think it does mean that my healthy is going to look different than yours. You know My Fitness Pal and I are BFF’s but I am never going to be able to say I have a size 4 in my closet. And that’s okay. You’ll never be able to say you have curly hair so at least there’s that. :)

  2. There is a magic mirror at my grandma’s house. I TOTALLY get it.

  3. Thanks for this post! I am overweight no matter what I do but I stay at the weight I’m at and I’m built just like my grandmothers, both of them. I am not genetically gifted dang it!! Lucky for my children I married someone genetically gifted and I have a daughter who likely will be just like you and not have to fight with her weight later.

    I wish I had a magic mirror, I might feel a little better about my ungifted self. 😀

  4. I wish I had a magic mirror! That is some magic to be able to eat whatever and maintain your lovely figure. I run so I can eat. haha

  5. Great post! I too wish I was genetically gifted like you…fortunately for my sister (unfortunately for me!) she got the lucky genes! Darn it! I’ve got 4 kids, I’m nearing my mid 30’s and it’s definitely time I be smart about what I’m eating and the exercise I’m getting. In the mean time, I need a magic mirror!

  6. We had a magic mirror and it now lives at my sisters house. I don’t know how those mirrors do it exactly but I wouldn’t mind another one! Thanks for sharing all that. We sure are all different and it comes with different talents and gifts, lucky us :)

  7. I am with you on the cookies! :)

  8. That was a sweet post. You look great and if you’re happy, that’s what counts. =)

  9. That was fun to read!

    Here’s my outfits for the week:

  10. Good post! I have to admit, I’m pretty jealous. I am definitely NOT gifted in the genes category. My close friend is though. Being pregnant at the same time as her, that was rough. I’m always trying to watch what I eat, and she can eat whatever she wants without thinking about it. It’s hard, but I know it’s not her fault. =] Haha

  11. Hehehe, what a cute post. We have an un-magic mirror above our dresser. When we first got married, it was just on a random wall directly across the room from the door to the bathroom. It is like a fun-house mirror and, at the height it was hung and my height, created an inner-tube around my mid-section. It shocked me every time I exited the bathroom and I spent way too much time moving around in front of the mirror watching what it did to my reflection :) Now it is nice and up high and used for decoration only 😉
    You are such a beautiful lady, both inside and out. See you tomorrow!

  12. We’re all so imperfectly beautiful, aren’t we?!

  13. Loved this post! So real. It made me laugh too! :)

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