I’m currently::

Watching:: Uhm, if I confess Gossip Girls will you still read my blog? Oh, okay … well really I don’t ‘watch it’ … I listen to it while I sew. It makes me laugh … a lot. But watching, well actually sitting down watching, that would be Duck Dynasty with the family. It also makes me laugh … a lot.

Reading:: Well this doesn’t really look any different from my January “Currently::” post. Except I went ahead and returned one since I knew it wasn’t going to happen any time soon … I’ve got three books I’m working on right now aside from my constant companions {the Bible, Google Reader, Country Living & Running World}. I’m part way through Run Like A Mother. After listening to the, Another Mother Runner, podcasts I figured I should read their books {this is the first one they wrote}. I just checked out The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society {I am loving this one and should be done by the end of the month … SLOW reader here!} and Hadassah: One Night With the King at my book loving friend’s recommendation.

Listening:: Oh … here is where I should have put Gossip Girls. Really I’ve been listening to my running playlist a lot these days. I listed my newest playlist on Facebook yesterday.

Making:: I just put together a little crafty something for an Easter swap (I’ll share it next week) / Craft Weekend SWAG / Table Topper {as seen throughout this post}.

Feeling:: Tired. Yep, still tired. But the best kind of tired. Tired from lots of miles being logged with my running legs, fun with friends, taking care of my home and family, serving at church and running a business that makes my creative heart happy.

Planning:: In a word … May. May is going to be wonderfully full.

Loving:: Bloglovin’. No really … you’ve heard right that Google Reader is going away as of THIS July?!? I know!! But, with lots of recommendations for bloglovin’ I signed up and well, I love it so far. It was easy peasy to inport my current Google Reader feed and I really like the look and the way it pulls up the blog post in the blog {which makes commenting more likely ::hurrah::}. I have so many lovely followers on Google Reader and I don’t want to loose any of you. Please take a minute to sign up and follow me on bloglovin’ {link in my sidebar}.

One last note, the shop is on VACATION {whoop, whoop}. In order to soak up these last two weeks with my Little at home on spring track break, I’m closing up and limiting my time online in favor of more time with my family!

** Would you be interested in me carrying more table toppers/runners {like this} in my shop?!? **


  1. You have been one busy lady! Enjoy your time with your son! Hoping his time off is filled with lots of sunshine!

  2. Love your table toppers and runners! Enjoy your time with your family!

  3. Have a great break! Yes! love the table toppers!!

  4. Tired legs from running is definitely a good thing! Enjoy your time with the Little.

  5. I won’t even tell you that I looked through 65 pages of search results for a quilted table runner or topper and barely found anything I liked. Then you posted that picture above and I thought “Ohhh, now that’s more like what I wanted!”. So yes, please do carry these! lol

  6. Three things:
    1. The guernsey… Is a great book! Enjoy!
    2. I hear ya on the tired legs.
    3. I’m totally bummed about google reader, too! Glad to hear you like bloglovin’. I’m still doing some research to see what works best for me, but that’s the one I’ve been recommended most.

    Have a great day! 😉

  7. What a gorgeous table runner! Love it! Have a great and restful spring break.

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