Eh, hem …
I’m back!!
Did you know I was gone?!? 
I’m sure the week {plus} hiatus on the blog and the shop closing down weren’t hints at all, were they??
Or maybe some of my Instagram pics gave it away?
Well, yes, we were ON VACATION … and it was FABULOUS!!
FOUR states & TWO THOUSAND miles later and we’re home with hearts full of new memories and glimpses of God’s great creation.
Here’s a TOP 10 for the last two weeks::
Gearing up for our {9} day trip with the necessities … great reads & good treats.
Day 8 of our vacation, we had a one day ‘lay over/rest day’ with the Bestie and her family. We managed to squeeze in Starbucks, {2} trips to Target and Panera … all in one day!
Day 9 on our way HOME, we made a pit stop for some delicious {and amusing} doughnuts. A little sugar rush for our 7+ hour drive.
I ran in three different cities while on vacation. This was my Salem, OR run … just the perfect amount of light rain.
My last LONG run was 5 miles. I’m gearing up {mentally} for tomorrow’s 6 miler.
A little Spring/Easter happy in the house. A beautiful {and free} print and tulips in the cutest new vase {from the ubber sweet Songs Kate Sang … my Easter swap partner #easterjazz}.
My boys on the beach. I feel like this is a picture from my heart!
My Roseville, CA run along a beautiful creek.
The Little standing among the GIANTS. The Redwoods are breathtaking … no matter how often you’ve seen them. INCREDIBLE. God is AWESOME.
Me and the Bestie on a 3mile walk. Yep, we squeezed in a nice long walk and some laundry folding and room cleaning while I was there too!!
life rearranged
Happiest of Good Fridays to YOU. I pray that you know why today is GOOD {great, awesome, amazing, unthinkable, incomprehensible} and why SUNDAY gives you the greatest of HOPE!
Back to our regularly scheduled blog next week!
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  1. Happy Easter!!

    It would be awesome to go see those redwoods someday:)

  2. Happy Easter weekend…He is risen!!! (and your vacation looked wonderful : )

  3. I am so, so glad you liked it! Blessings and joy! Happy Easter!

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