Shop happenings …

I know this blog has been a little quiet … and the shop has been even MORE quiet.

There is A LOT going on behind the scenes that is keeping me BUSY. Like crazy tired, staying up until wee morning hours, physically sore from cutting and sewing kinda busy. And I hate to use the word busy because it makes it sound like a bad thing. It’s not. It’s good. It’s temporary, there is a deadline … which is why all other things “Knitty Bitties” get put on hold.

{Later this week I’ll share pictures of my last ‘behind the scenes’ sewing job. Lots of cute stuff!!}

I did manage to squeak out a few crayon wallets and listed them on Instagram Friday. I have a couple left, so I’m giving you guys the chance to grab them before I put them in my shop::

Boy Crayon Wallet / $16 shipped {ONE} available
Gray linen exterior with patch front / Lime green, aqua & red coordinating interior
Girl Crayon Wallet / $16 shipped / {ONE} available
Brown textured exterior with flower patch / Brown, lime green & aqua coordinating interior

Leave your PayPal address in the comments below and indicate boy or girl crayon wallet. I will invoice you by the end of the day and they will ship by Wednesday.

I have a new helper in the shop. I haven’t named him yet … for now I’ll just call him Brother. He’s helping me make quicker work of all the behind the scenes sewing.

I’d love to tell you that after this deadline is met and shipped, that I’ll be back to filling the shop …. BUT, just as I ship things off, my Little has THREE glorious weeks off from school for spring track break. In addition to a family vacation, I will be soaking up these days with him and finishing off the time celebrating Easter.

So maybe April?

As much as I want to get the shop updated, I’m also working on some BIG things for this blog. Getting new tutorials posted here {from my contributing posts} and putting all my tutorials in one easy to find spot.

Working on making my blog work better for me AND you.

Speaking of … I heard some rumblings that my blog was taking FOREVER to load. The funny thing is on my end {both desktop and mobile} it was fine. A little investigating and help and I think I’ve we’ve got it fixed. Let me know if it’s running quicker for you!

Oh yeah … and outside of the shop, there’s this silly thing I decided to go for … my first half marathon right before I turn 36 in a few months. Even better, it’s a Rock-n-Roll half marathon. Even better? It’s in Portland at the same time as QUILT MARKET!! Whoop, whoop!! That is going to be a great weekend.

So yeah … sewing and running and life are keeping me TIRED and off of the computer.

Thanks for sticking with me!

P.S. GO take a peek at today’s Pick Your Plum deal{s} … yes, DEALS … they should get you excited for spring and Easter and cutie baskets.

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  1. I love the crayon wallets! Congrats on the new serger and on working toward your half marathon~you go girl!

  2. my daughter named her brother machine “Steve” which is her brother’s name! Do you have a brother?

  3. I love the crayon wallets! Want one of each if you have ’em!! I don’t have an official Paypal address. Do you want my etsy name?? I’m happy to purchase boy and girl one if they’re left… : )

  4. Cute little wallets! Sergers can be lots of fun too. Have fun and looking forward to seeing your updates when you have time.

  5. I will also want the fox kindle cover. My son is so envious of his sister’s deer cover he wanted to know if the foxes were still available. I just checked your shop and it looks like it is! Add that to my list today!

  6. Your busy week should be made more bearable with your fantastic weekend plans to look forward to! :)

  7. Yay for doing the race in Portland! My SIL Treena is going to run the full. Sounds like I now have two reasons to show up and cheer!

  8. yes, your blog loads SO MUCH faster now. whatever you did worked! :) (and good luck on your half, it will be great fun.)

  9. The Easter notebooks at Pick your Plum are very cute. I love those crayon wallets. I wish I were little again…I’d love. 😉

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