What I Made Wednesday …

… instead of what I wore {which has consisted of rotating lounge pants and running clothes the last week or so} I decided today would be a great day to share some of the samples I recently finished {not the ones I’m in the middle of making} for Robert Kaufman‘s L.A. Textile Show booth.

This is such a fun ‘gig’ I’ve got sewing up new patterns in lovely fabrics. It’s like opening a box full of chocolates. It’s hard to pick a favorite until you’ve had a little taste of each of them!

Please forgive my less-than-wonderful photos. They were taken … last minute before I shipped them off … I do not have a mannequin … or live model. So hopefully you get an idea …

Violet Fields Audrey Dress::
**Wonderful beginner pattern. It is such a cute dress and a REALLY QUICK sew.**

This gives you a better idea of what they look like::

* Borrowed from Robert Kaufman’s Instagram feed. *

I really enjoyed each of these patterns, but I’d have to say the Audrey Dress and Kwik Sew pajamas were my favorite. As for the fabrics, I loved the plaid used on the Traveler dress and the white embroidered circle on the Audrey dress. But all of them were cute, cute, cute.

I’ll try to come back and add fabric links, but for now I am far too tired and rummy to do so! I’ve got another full day of sewing tomorrow … and … Thursday … and then a BREAK for a much needed weekend away. Our third annual ‘Girls/Craft Weekend’!!

Side Note – I’m unable to go to the Snap! conference this year and have a ticket available. If your or someone you know missed out when they sold out, please e-mail me!


  1. You amaze me my dear! Simply amaze me!! Love it all and now I think I need to do some sewing this afternoon :)
    PS. The blog loaded super fast! Did you change something? It was so nice to click and poof everything popped up!

  2. Oh my goodness! So CUTE! I picked up a fat quarter stack of that London Calling Lawn by Kaufman @ Quiltcon… I want MORE! I don’t think the fabric swatches online do it justice! That snap Wrap dress needs to be a part of our lives in that lawn! Your sewing on that boys shirt is exquisite! Wonderful work!

  3. Oh, just kidding about the “boy shirt!” I see that is the Traveler dress! I was just so excited about how cute all of this is! :)

  4. Julie T. says:

    I agree with Emily…the sewing technique is so beautiful! Great job…love the traveler dress and the fabrics are all so cute!

  5. That first dress is so cute! I know a little girl who might need it!

    Yay for the weekend! I can’t wait!

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