Cheap, cheap, cheap …

Frugal, frugal, frugal …

Dutch? {I can say that, I am!}

However you want to say it, I like to SAVE MONEY.

Like to the point my Sweets often makes the joke, ‘You’d buy the goat if it was on sale.’ Not entirely true. But maybe a little bit.

Now, I don’t like the word cheap because it makes it sound like I’m not willing to spend money for quality … which I am … if I think it’s worth it. For example, shoes … shoes to me, ARE WORTH IT and I will spend more for a couple quality pairs over an array of ‘cheap’ pairs. However, that does not mean I won’t try my hardest to get the very best price on those quality shoes.

For example …

These lovely ladies from Boden. First time customers save 15% AND you can get another 2.5% back through your Ebates account {see below}. Originally $69 // After Savings $57.18 … that’s almost a weeks worth of SB Iced Teas for me!

That being said, I thought I’d share my TOP 5 favorite ways to SAVE::

1. Coupons // Hands down coupons or discount codes {shopping online} are THE BEST way to save. Now I’m not going to get into the ins and outs of couponing, but I will tell you that I use coupons on things we need/use. I do not have a stock pile, I don’t care to have a stock pile and I especially don’t want a stock pile of things we never need/use. To each his own.

Favorite place to look for online – Retail Me Not AND Ebates {see below}.

2. Credit Card Rewards // Again, I am NOT advocating credit card use. However, we happen to get our gas at Costco. Several years ago we signed up for their American Express credit card {no annual fees} to earn a reward on the $$ we were already spending on gas. We pay our credit card off every month and use it to pay for regularly budgeted items. It’s not used for frivolous spending {well okay, it is … but BUDGETED frivolous spending} or emergencies. I also signed up for the Target Red card for this same reason. I shop Target for our toiletries and most misc. house items. When I found out I can save 5% off the top of my purchase instantly {and always get free online shipping} every time I shop there, I was sold. Again, we pay it off every month. However, even better {but they didn’t offer this to me and I didn’t know to ask} is the Target debit card that is tied directly to your checking account and works just like your debit card, but saves you 5% every time. ::WIN:: Unless you’re cash only … which is awesome too. Again, I do not advocate a rolling balance on a credit card.

3. Swagbucks // You’ve heard of this, yes? You have an account, yes? No?? It’s the website that PAYS you to do what you already do … search the web. We’ve been using it for years and have racked up THOUSANDS of Swagbucks which have been redeemed for HUNDREDS of dollars to Yes, hundreds. You can earn more by printing coupons through them, taking surveys {my Sweets does this when he has time} and lots of other clever ways now-a-days. We’ve never had any computer/IT issues related to adding the Swagbucks toolbar to our favorite Internet browser. Seriously, go sign up and start saving those gift cards for Christmas shopping!

4. Ebates // I’ve been using Ebates for longer than Swagbucks. I don’t know the technical mumbo-jumbo, but basically it’s a front end site you sign into and click through to one of their affiliate stores {many, many, many online stores are a part of Ebates}. It tracks your purchase and rewards you a cash percentage based on what they’ve negotiated with the store … anywhere from 2% – 10% is pretty normal. You’re then issued a check {or PayPal deposit} quarterly. Ebates will also feature any current deals/promo codes for their affiliate shops. Sign up here.

Favorite online shops that I get a % back when shopping from Ebates:: / GAP, Old Navy, Athleta / / Lands’ End / Crate and Barrel

5.  Daily Deal Sites // You know … there are a TON of these with more popping up daily. Again, I try not to buy a deal unless I know we’re going to use it, but I’ve saved a lot on favorite restaurants, Starbucks, and movie ticket deals.

Favorite Daily Deals – Groupon, Living Social, Google Deals and Pick Your Plum

So there you have it … five of my favorite ways to save money. I DID use affiliate links on a couple of the items above, but that is NOT why I wrote this post. Honest!! Ask any of my family or friends and they will tell you I’m always pulling out a coupon or telling them about a way to get something for less. It pains me to see them pay full price when I know there was a way to save! I know we’re not all wired this way, so I thought, it doesn’t hurt to share. Maybe you’ll learn something new, maybe you won’t {in which case you’re probably already saving money … FTW!} … but at least I’ll know I tried! ;D


  1. okay, those shoes are stinkin’ adorable! & I think I need to sign up for Swagbucks… we love shopping on Amazon. 😉 thanks for sharing these tips!

  2. Someone turned me on to recently. I love it so much. They scour the net and list the best deals of the day and other extreme sales. I got a winter jacket for $2.99 and rock and republic jeans for my son for $21 thanks to brads deals. They post sales for major retailers

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