Easter Swap {Banner Inspiration}

Hello Monday! Hello April!
It’s back to ‘real life’ for us following a {3} week spring track break that included a wonderful {9} day family vacation.

Good thing I crave routine.
I loved our little break from it, but I’m happy to get back to it.

Hello to coming home from vacation to a CLEAN HOUSE. Ahhhh, it can sometimes add a bit of stress to the front end of our vacation time, but it was SO NICE to come home to CLEAN.

Hello to {4} days of vacation from our vacation.
Because of the nice clean house, all we had to do was laundry and grocery shopping the day after we got home … then we spent the last three days just hanging out and enjoying our last bit of time together. All three of us.

Hello to Easter Sunday and ending our break on such a lovely note. The sun shone bright today as such a beautiful reminder of the Son of God shining bright proclaiming HE’S ALIVE!

Before I left for vacation, I put together this little set of goodies for an Easter swap hosted by Small Town Joy::

I tried to stick with a coral/yellow/aqua color scheme and crafted/sewed up a few goodies for my partner and then added in a few sweets and some ribbon treats.

Inspired by my favorite ‘go-to’ banner, I created this little cutie with bunny backsides {and buttons for tails} using my Silhouette.::

I hope your weekend was blessed as well and pray you’re saying HELLO to Monday with a song in your heart!


  1. This was such a good prize!!!

  2. Adorable! Glad y’all had such a wonderful time off! We are starting our Spring Break with a messy house and this momma is not too happy about that. Thankfully you just lit a fire under me :) Happy Monday to you!

  3. What a cute banner. Love the colors – woud be cute in a nursery!! I’d be all over that prize : ) welcome back!

  4. That bunny banner is too cute! Glad you enjoyed your vacation!

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