Hello Half Marathon …

… I suppose I can make it official and put it out on my blog. 
{If you follow me on Instagram you are quite possibly getting sick of my pictures each time I run … but bear with me, I’m documenting what could be a once in my life time journey!}
So … yes, HELLO to  running my first half marathon … in 41 days!

I just said hello to finishing training week 6 {of 12} … half way there!
73.1 miles logged so far!

I’ve wanted to run a half marathon for the last 2 years or so, but somehow have managed to injure myself or talk myself out of it. But this year, in my last days at age 35, I have every intention of making good on this goal.

A few things I have going for me this time around::

It’s a ‘destination race’ for me … I always wanted my first half to be some where other than ‘home.’ Silly I know, that adds extra pressure, but it just seemed like it would be more fun. Top on my list last year was the Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll half, but that’s at a crazy busy time of year {last year it was beginning of December and this year it looks like it is in November} and it didn’t really work out. I was planning to run a local race May 18th … a race with a beautiful course and rave reviews. Then I found out that Quilt Market would be in Portland {close enough to easily travel} and I jumped at the chance to go until I realized it was the weekend of my planned half marathon. Imagine my surprise when I found out the Portland Rock n’ Roll half was that SAME weekend? May 19th. And it just happened that I knew a fellow sewer I could recruit to run with me! Win-Win-Win!!

So I started training exactly 12 weeks before the race date {way to leave some wiggle room in there}.  I guess that isn’t exactly a plus, but at least I did start on time to get the full training done BEFORE race day.

Three weeks into my training I committed by actually registering. Yikes! $130 is a very good incentive!

The weather has been perfect for training outside {I don’t really have an inside option} and I have so far stayed injury free!

Hello to celebrating the half way point of training I with a new Athleta outfit {and happened to get to shop IN STORE since there was one right near our hotel on our vacation}. Here’s what I picked up::

Home Run Short {Black} – I call these my shorty shorts. I would NEVER wear shorts this short any other time. I suppose I figure I’m going so fast no one can see how short they are?!? They are SUPER comfortable and very light weight … and the reflective scallop trim along the booty? Cute, right? Perfect for summer running!

Skills & Drills Tank {Coastal Green} – I much prefer an ‘all in one’ tank that gives me the support I need without having to add in a sports bra. This is one thing that makes the higher cost of these tanks worth it … I don’t have to wear both. My very favorite tank from Athleta {which they don’t make any more} is even fitted to your cup size. This would be a similar style {and I love the side rouching}.

** Athleta DOES cost more, but they stand behind their product with an amazing guarantee and excellent customer service. I’ve sent back several items {a few washed/worn many times} with no problem and I’m not even being paid to say this! **

Add in a new pair of shoes … I’m going to go get fitted again, but am pretty sure I’ll end up in a new pair of my reliable Brooks Adrenaline’s … and I’ve maxed out my running budget … at least for this month.

What should I do to treat myself after I cross that finish line?

What runs/races/goals are you saying hello to?

Questions for me about running {not that I’m an expert … opposite … just a normal mama who learned to run six years ago and still loves it} … leave me a comment {and make sure I have a way to write you back}.


  1. I am so excited for you! I ran a half a few years ago and it was a great experience. Mine was the Thunder Road in Charlotte. Love those shorts you picked out!

  2. That’s so exciting!!!
    I usually treat myself to a new piece of gear, like a running skirt, or a new tank, or occasionally a pedicure, but only with the caveat that they don’t shave off my hard-earned calluses!
    This fall after marathons #3 and #4, I’ll probably reward myself with more winter running gear, so I can stay warm and comfy when I tackle my first ultra.
    GOOD LUCK! Nad have fun running and at Quilt Market! One of these days, I hope to be there!

  3. Go you!! I know you can do it. :)

  4. Can’t wait to hear more progress!! I’m a beginning runner. When you’re not training for a marathon, how many times a week do you try to run?

  5. You should know we have the same doormat. And I think you are rad. So that means, by proxy, I may just be rad.

  6. As someone who has always wanted to be a runner. (I did a small stint of running in Middle School, and sports in HS. Though that was in the 90’s) I actually desire it! However, I just became a new mom and hope to show my son how fitness/taking care of yourself is important in life. Right now I am trying to get out there and walking. Hopefully by May or June I can start running some. When you started running, did you do a certain program? And what type of shoes did you use? Any advice for someone starting?

    Good Luck in your 1/2 Marathon! I’d love to do that someday! It’s a dream!

  7. Stink! We’ll be over there the weekend before for Mother’s Day or I would come cheer you on! So proud of you for tackling this! Also, please get the 13.1 sticker for your car. 😉

  8. You are my inspiration! I have started running again and I am hoping to run a 10k in September and have that goes well hope to run a half marathon after that! I love seeing all of your instagram pictures – they motivate me!

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