This week has been … OFF.
Not bad, but not really that great either. 
Child character training, sick family members … all the emotional exhaustion of being a part of a family. 
Not to be all ‘sparkles and rainbows’ but my Instagram feed does lean towards the positive highlights of the week. It’s not that I don’t want to be honest … or that I’m trying to hide anything, it’s just that I don’t care to focus on the harder moments … at least not there.

life rearranged
So let’s see what the week showed via my camera & Instagram::
Last Saturday was my long{est} run of my training schedule thus far … 8 miles. I was really nervous to see how my Achilles did and I’m happy to report that while I felt it start to act up at the end, it was really a great run. Perfect time of day {9AM} with a pit stop at a great friend’s house and home to yummy hydration. 
I don’t know why, but I just love Smart Water. Mmmm, anyone else taste the difference?
In an effort to not cause a major injury pre-race day, I’ve been backing off my weekly running miles and subbing in strength training and 2m power walks. I love that my Little friend likes to join me for my walks!
Monday was a great day for the shop {and I hope for many of you}! I hosted an Insta-Sale to clear out some old{er} products to make way for new goodies. I sold a lot, but I still have some inventory available … SO, I’m extending the sale to my Etsy shop for today – until I get the energy/desire to change back the prices. My camera strap slipcovers are at all ALL TIME LOW PRICE!!
Listing items on Instagram is hard work! I had to take a tea/potty break half way through!
Speaking of tea … I love it. Usually iced, although I’ve been loving a cuppa hot de-caf in the evenings. This is a new-to-me tea from Whole Foods. Really good … very similar to Republic of Tea’s Ginger Peach loose leaf.
A happy run. No pain. Mostly lovely weather and a sub-10min/mile time without even trying!
This run also got me to 48.1 miles for the #48milesinapril goal AND I hit 100+ miles in my half marathon training!! Whoop, whoop!
And then there was this … a beautiful run sunshine wise, but I had clearly forgotten how much harder it is to run in the heat of the day. I hadn’t taken time to hydrate and fuel properly … and I FELT IT. Lesson learned … get out there earlier!
After I roll out my post-run muscles with the foam roller and I’ve had a nice hot shower, I indulge in a little foot massage. This lotion is SO nice. A little tingly, smells great and just makes my tired feet feel good. Slather it on, slip on some socks … and my footsies SIGH.
Looking forward to a BEAUTIFUL weekend … I hope you are too!
See you back here Monday with a look at shop ReFresh items just in time for Mother’s day & Teacher gifts!


  1. Oh how I hope that one day I can run like that. Awesome! And, how do I not follow you on IG? I need to and will now. Hope you have a great week.

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