life rearranged
A peek at the week through my phone’s {camera} eyes::
A lovely day involves a little sewing, catching up on shows via Hulu & some iced tea. The fact that it was Friday? Even better.
Long run. 
Longest run yet of the half marathon training.
It was supposed to be Saturday, but Saturday called for rain & wind. 
I chose Friday night instead.
I celebrated with doughnuts.
Monday I went to my local running shop to get some new kicks. I tried to get a new make/model, but my trusty Brooks Adrenalines still win me over. I came home, had some lunch and checked in on the Boston Marathon. The elite runners had finished. I went for my run. I snapped this photo of my new kicks pointed heavenward not yet knowing the horror that had happened. So heartbreaking and unfathomable. #runforboston #prayforboston
Something as simple as making cookies, reminding me to not waste a moment. To love on my loved ones and appreciating the gift of life.
When dads work late … 
Am I the only one that enjoys “chick food” when you don’t have to make a ‘real’ dinner? Another perk of an only child I suppose … it’s easy to make him one thing and me another. This night it was yogurt, berries & vanilla with Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread w/ almond butter. Yum!
The best caramels. Period.
Even better? The checker at Whole Foods let me ‘sample’ them {when I asked if they were worth $11.99} and then gave me the rest! Now that is customer service!
A tough run. Short, but awful. Wind {so over the wind} and pain setting in … a warning to take it easy this week. It’s not worth a major injury just to stick to the schedule. 
I love my little honey pot. I love it more when it’s filled with fresh local honey and waiting to be added to an evening cuppa tea.
Skipping a run and instead working on some strength and toning with this Pure Barre workout. Man did that make me feel out of shape. A good reminder that running alone is not enough.
Tomorrow I’m going to attempt my long run and hope that my body cooperates. My mind is sure to wander to Boston and I’ll pray as I run along those miles for those that no longer can.
Celebrate the day and make time for your loved ones this weekend! 
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  1. So over the wind, too. Should I be happy about the rain today?

  2. Oh I have been wanting to try out Pure Barre. Do you love it?

  3. Hope you have a good weekend! I always get the same running shoes too. Saucony pro-grid. They feel like home to me. Praying for Boston too. So sad.

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