Well this has been a fun week around these parts, how about you?
My Sweets was off all week which meant lots of outing and grocery shopping, lunching, re-buying our house {whoo-hoo we cut 8 years off our loan and over 3% off our rate} and other shenanigans.

life rearranged

Here’s a peek:
My Little had state testing this week and the teacher asked us to send in a letter of encouragement for them to read each day before they take their tests. It is such a privilege to be the one that gets to be his mama and it is heavy on my heart {and not just for him} to be intentional with my words and realize the impact that they have on those around me, especially him.

Speaking of my Little … he just amazes me with his reading. This was the latest stack from the Library. Between it, school library books and a few from his own library … this should last him 2-3 weeks. Seriously. Crazy wonderful!
I threw myself a little pity party Friday night since I WASN’T at the awesome Craft Weekend. I mean honestly, the amount of creative talent there in one weekend just wasn’t fair!! So I pretended to be in Kansas and laid out all 70 blocks of my Seester’s long awaited wedding quilt {this year will be their 5th anniversary … HA!}.
And here is where my week turned into all about the running … as in I check the weather report HOURLY to get the best run in, I do laundry every other day to make sure I have something to wear on my run, I monitor how much I drink and when I eat … HIGH MAINTENANCE!!
My training called for a 5K race at the end of week 6 {half way!} so I had a race, party of one and pushed myself a bit. Not too bad racing against myself!
The first of my three in a row this week. Check this time verses my next 4 miler.
{Hello Daisy girl!!}
A “short” little run in between my two 4 milers. 
Pretty okay with that time, especially considering the 15-20mph winds!
LOOK! I shaved a minute off my time and I wasn’t even trying to push myself. I guess logging all these miles is doing something. 
Saturday is my first true long run at 7 miles … wish me luck!
Running Disclosure:
{I know, seriously, right? Run, run, blah, blah, blah, run … thanks for sticking with me as the blog has been very LACK LUSTER in the creative department. I promise behind the scenes stuff is in the work … for the shop, for the blog and for me!!} 
** However, if you like running, walking, logging miles and you’ve been joining in tracking your miles per month {this month is #48milesinapril} then stay tuned for a fun giveaway next week! **
Happy Friday and Happy Weekend!
Come back Monday for the April Happy Bundle giveaway … it’s WAY BETTER than your taxes being due … promise!


  1. Julie T. says:

    The quilt is going to be so cute! Keep at it! See you soon.

  2. The Phantom Tollbooth!!! I love that book!!! Lots of fun wordplay :)

  3. Love the quilt you are working on. And thanks for the running inspiration. Our weather has been so terrible that I’ve only been twice (yikes!) so I really need to kick it up!

  4. Nice job on the running. It takes me about 40 minutes to run 4 miles. The winds were awful this week. Hate, hate, hate…And that craft weekend? I would loved to have gone, too…

  5. The quilt is going to be amazing. Sorry I wasn’t more help! You are a wonderful sister! Pretty awesome daughter too:) and being Dutch is a good thing (most of the time!)

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