It’s been a pretty good week around here … how was yours?

I’m still trying to find the new ‘rhthym’ with having my Sweets home during the week many times {he’s on a new rotating work schedule}. It’s been an adjustment {for me} to have him in “my space” while the Little is at school. Not bad, at all … I love being able to lunch together, run errands or go on an impromptu day date … but it’s an adjustment. I’m a creature of habit. Adjusting isn’t easy for me, but it’s good for me!
Let’s take a peek at the happening through my phone’s camera lens::

Phew, done. LONGEST run yet for the half marathon training. Next week is a 7 miler. Eeeeep!!

My favorite little lady joined us for the evening while her parents enjoyed a much needed date. Gosh I love being her “Auntie.” She enjoyed a lime chaser {no alcohol involved} while we made a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies {skip those dried cherries and just add more chips!}.

Easter Sunday.
Me in old rags that matched the Little’s new threads {Sweets matched too, but he prefers to be behind the camera, and not let people know he was matchy-matchy}.
Oh and there “she” is … trying to work her way into the photo too!
Sunday evening run … into the sun!
Uhm sorry for the influx of running related photos. It IS life right now. At least 4 x a week and I’m trying to document each one on my journey to a half marathon so I can make a little book at the end. It may never happen again!
In case you’ve wondered where the # with the miles for the month comes from … @hausofgirls started it a year ago as a fun online ‘support/motivation/enouragement’ group to GET MOVING. It doesn’t have to be miles ran … it can be miles walked, biked or elliptical-ed … just GET GOING and let us cheer you on!
The best run is a DONE run. Man are my feet tired these days!
Despite everything in me NOT wanting to do this run, I did it and was quite surprised at my *almost* less than 10min/mile pace. The carrot dangling in front of me? Knowing FRIDAY meant a REST day and a NAP!!
And look at those “cherry blossoms” … our street is lined with these trees and the flowers last less than 2 weeks so I’m glad I got to enjoy them!
life rearranged
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
Mine is going to be filled with another run and time with the Little while the Sweets is at work.
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  1. Looks like a fantastic week! And I am loving all the running IG’s!!! It’s great motivation for me~keep’m coming!

  2. yeah…. look at you getting all your runs in. great job on your training. perfect timing with finally getting nice weather.

  3. Good for you! Just imagine how good you’ll feel crossing the finish line!

  4. popping over from instafriday. good for you for running! i’d love to be a runner. someday. but i will start with #48milesinapril. that i can do. thanks for the new goal! popping over to follow you on twitter.

  5. Reading this made me feel like I haven’t talked to you in awhile. Yes, I know you stopped by on Monday but I think I was still in the post wedding/Easter fog. Let’s get a girls night on the calendar SOON! Have a wonderful weekend…I hope you don’t have to run in the rain!

  6. Have an awesome week!

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