Hello Everybooooodeeeee!
Have you kicked off your summer break yet?
This is our last week of school and I am THRILLED to get our summer started!!

One of my favorite parts of last summer was bike riding with my Little {okay, so at nine years old, my son isn’t quite *so little* but I still get to call him that, right?}. 
I got my very own over-the-top cutie cute cruiser for my 35th birthday last May and was shocked when I had to drag my Little out the door to go bike riding with me. He was usually game for a mile or two, but a 3-4-5 mile bike ride? No way!!

So … knowing our love of the summer sweet, ice cream, I set up a goal with a sweet incentive … 20 miles for ice cream! {I made our first goal very “attainable” so my Little wouldn’t lose interest.} Using my Garmin Forerunner watch {you could use your smartphone/GPS/Mapmyrun.com} I logged each of our bike rides until we tallied up those first {20} miles. We treated ourselves with some Baskin Robbins and set a new goal … {30} miles. 
Would you believe that we easily logged over 50 miles with this sweet little incentive?! We also discovered a shaved ice shack about 4 miles from our house which made a great half-way point on a LONG 8 mile bike ride. Shaved ice is mostly water, right … so OF COURSE  those miles still counted toward our ice cream goal!
This year I’m going to make us work a little harder and our first goal will be 50 miles! We only have 8 precious weeks of summer break and I intend to bike ride as many of them as we can. 
Last year we kept track of our miles on our chalkboard, but I whipped up this little chart to use this year and I’m sharing it with you guys too!!
I’d love to see others join in this challenge and put some healthy funner in your summer! If you’re on Twitter or Instagram, be sure to use the hashtag {#milesforicecream} and tag me {@knittybitties} so I can cheer you along!
Thanks Mique for inviting me to guest post!
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Happy Trails!

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