Hello Insta-Monday?

Sure … let’s roll with it … because really, if I don’t do Insta-Monday, it’s going to be a boring post with no pictures … so let’s see just what’s I’ve been saying hello to since clearly I’ve been saying no to blogging::

Hello Running!
We’re in the final stretch people … T-5 days until my first half marathon

Building miles during the week.

Long runs on the weekend. 
9 miles a week ago and then 10 miles {with a friend … hurrah!} on Saturday.
I’m still here to tell about both!
Dog walkin’ & Little ridin’ … because my legs need more miles!
Hello to patio dining!
Eating al fresco is my favorite. May is perfect for it!
Hello to tasty dates!
Frappuccino Happy Hour with my Sweets & BOGO Teacher Appreciation with my Seester.
Tired feet. They are working hard these days.
Hot showers, foot rubs and pretty polish make them run a little happier.
Hello fresh strawberries!
Strawberry Jam time! I’ve made two batches … we should be set for a least 6 months.
Oh and if you make jam, you should probably make some biscuits too!
Hello new handmade furniture!
A new little spot in the house making me very happy.
Tulips sitting on the table my Sweets built out of reclaimed mahogany from an old boat.
I’m a lucky girl!
Hello new life!
I had the great pleasure of co-hosting a baby shower Friday and sharing some words of wisdom {I hope} with the mama-to-be. Sometimes baby showers can be really hard for those hoping, wishing and praying for a baby. I’m thankful I felt nothing but joy this night.
Hello Moms!
After all, I got the greatest gift when I was blessed with this one that made me a Mama. In fact, he is the only one lucky enough to get to call me that. I hope he knows how special he is!

I had a most lovely Mother’s Day, churching, napping, eating, crafting and in general being spoiled!
life rearranged
So … that’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to. When the blog is quiet, you can still find me on Instagram.
Happy Monday!


  1. Looks like a great week! I ran with my dog last night! I think he pulled me most of the way!

  2. good to see you back!

  3. Glad you had a lovely Mother’s Day. Mine was spent Churching, napping, reading, and eating and NOT cleaning up after a dinner I didn’t have to make. Yeah for Mother’s Day…The one guaranteed pampered day of the year.

  4. Sandy says:

    So sweet! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see you soon! P.S. the table is GORGEOUS!

  5. My husband is training for a marathon, I think you both are crazy!!!

  6. Happy Mother’s day!

  7. My heart swoons for that table and for over nights with my nephew :) Thanks for letting me help you out and getting some time with my favorite little guy!

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