Hello Monday … it’s Sew Mama Sew! Giveaway Day!!

Hello to a 1:30AM bed time that this mama a little behind this morning.
Hello to running 9 miles this weekend.all.at.once. Phew … I’ll probably mention it again before the week is through!
Hello to another Quilt Market sample sewing bender. Almost done. Just 1.25 more samples left. It felt great to ship off the majority of them today. I can’t wait to share pictures … that I take myself … because I’M GOING TO QUILT MARKET!! 
Alright, so let’s get onto the fun stuff … the giving away stuff … Today is that wonderful day in the sewing/crafting blog world, know as Sew Mama Sew’s May Giveaway Day {and this year is its 10th anniversary}!
I put together two bundles, both made up of the much loved Architextures line by Carolyn Friedlander for Robert Kaufman. Bundles each feature {7} 1/4YD cuts in coordinating prints AND a $5 Starbucks gift card. Because really, when you get ready to sew up a fun project, you need a good drink, right?!?
Giveaway #1 – Purple/Orange Architextures Bundle + $5 Starbucks 

Giveaway #2 – Green/Navy Architextures Bundle + $5 Starbucks
Use the Rafflecopter widgets above to enter one {or both} giveaways.
Check out all the May Giveaway Day participants here.

Winners will be announced May 12th.
Happy MONDAY!!

** Due to the high postal costs this giveaway is only open to US residents. 
Sorry, no Int’l shipping UNLESS you’re willing to pay the actual shipping … then enter away! **


  1. Aqua, Orange and Grey is my favorite color combo right now.

  2. I’m liking lime green and pink these days…

  3. orange and yellow

  4. My favorite giveaway so far! I have massive love for Architextures, it’s by far my most crushed on collection.

    Right now I’m liking bold colors on a black/white text type of background.

  5. Currently loving blue and black.

  6. Loving the purple and orange bundle!

  7. Navy & white with a pop of red!

  8. I’m loving blue and white right now – nautical, maritime, reminds me of water and clouds.

  9. Roxo,lilás e rose

  10. I love aqua, lime green and bright yellow.

  11. I love red and yellows together, but currently I’m in love with aquas.

  12. Totally crushing rainbow combos at the moment!

  13. Mint & Coral!

  14. In addition to the above, I’m also crazy in love with grey & neon pink or green!

  15. Spring-colours – lime for instance

  16. I love grey and green right now!

  17. I love orange and aqua. I hope you have fun at QM. Maybe I’ll see you there! Modern Domestic is having a Cocktail Hour Friday night if you’ll be in town then. You should stop by! Thank you for the giveaway!

  18. I love lime, navy, and aqua!!

  19. Aqua orange and white!

  20. pink and green! with some aqua

  21. Right now, I am loving aqua and orange.

  22. Purple and tourquoise! Thanks for opportunity and have a great day

  23. Really any shades of blues, teals, sea colors, navy.
    Or red and cream or tan or a neutral.

  24. Navy and yellow….yum! Impressive running!

  25. I’m liking orange + magenta!

  26. And I love citron and grey or navy!

  27. woohoo, great idea!! i’m a blue and orange crush still, its been around a while but i still love it!

  28. I’m still in love with mustard yellow and grey.

  29. Loving mint and grey right now

  30. Gorgeous little bundles of fabric!! I am into dusty rose, navy, and gray lately.

  31. I love dark gray with purple and turquoise! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. I am loving navy, and I think lime green would complement it well.

  33. I am loving pale grays and blues with white right now!

  34. Red & yellows are wonderful together …

  35. i want to try mint with white. thanks

  36. WHAT. Designer fabric AND designer coffee? IN. Lol. I love anything with greens, but right now my favourite is navy, light blue, cream, green, and lavender/pink. That bundle #2 would fit right in!

  37. I like the purple and orange one.
    Edit from Hungary

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. I love pink and green!

  40. Ooh…I love the purple and orange bundle! I also love Starbucks chai tea lattes. :) Thanks for the giveaway.

  41. I would love to win either bundle! They’re both gorgeous and I love Starbucks…thank you.

    I really am enjoying bright, bold colors, with gray. Thanks for a chance to win.

  42. Thank you for a second chance to win the other bundle…wasn’t sure if I should leave my comment twice, but it said too. =)

    I love bright, rainbow colors with gray (usually solid) as the background. Thanks!

  43. I am loving gray and yellow!

  44. Loving green, blue & purple right now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  45. I am just finishing a green and red quilt. I need some new colors like yellow and gray. Fan4may at aol dot com

  46. I am loving working with aqua blues and hot/bright pinks!

  47. Pink and turquoise and brown!

  48. I am crushing on coral,yellow and aqua currently:)

  49. Oxblood, coral, and tan. Thanks

  50. I love greens with virtually any other color. That green/navy Architextures bundle (plus coffee!) is awesome.

  51. Currently crushing on, as in this morning, yellow, red, green and blue. :)

  52. Aqua and orange is lovely :-)

  53. Anonymous says:

    Love the navy and green combo!

  54. I am loving coral and grays right now.

  55. Oh I love Architextures! Such a unique fabric line.

  56. Yellow and Grey is my fave right now.

  57. I’m crushing on navy blue, coral, white, with a little bit of orange!

  58. I love orange and gray right now!

  59. I love fall color schemes but am secretly going to move on the colors of aqua, fuschia, orange, and lime green with some white. I have developed a new crush on these carefree colors! :) Thanks for a chance on these wonderful giveaways!

  60. Currently I can not get enough from the orange family and grey. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  61. I love Teal & Orange. Thanks!!

  62. Two of my favorite things…fabric and coffee!

  63. Sorry, I was supposed to tell you about my favorite color combo…I would say pink and gray :)

    Thanks for a chance to win some great fabrics!

  64. I am using a lot of pink, grey & cream. Thanks for the chance to win!

  65. I’m loving me some rainbows lately!

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Currently I am loving aqua and red. Its my new favorite combo and every time I see that combo, I melt! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  68. I’m loving grey and green. Thanks for the chance to win!

  69. Yellow with black and white, but my husband would love orange.

  70. I really enjoy the red and aqua combo, I know it isn’t “new” but I love it!

  71. Tina C. says:

    I’m loving Gray, aqua and orange right now!

    tinaotherworld (at) yahoo (dot) com

  72. I always love pink with almost any other color! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    xo, Meg

    3rdmargaret at gmail dot com

  73. Aqua, orange, yellow, and green :)

  74. I’m loving greens and teals right now!

  75. Not sure if I should comment twice – but thank you for the great giveaway!

  76. Anything with navy…

  77. It would be cantaloupe and honeydew!

  78. I’m loving navy with brights right now (bright pink, lime green…)

  79. I currently “heart” navy and lime!


  80. I really like navy, lime, and gray lately. I want to make my son a quilt in those colors!

  81. I’ve been loving the combo of Orange/Mint/Leopard… wait, leopard counts as a color, right?

  82. Yellow and blue (and thanks, I’ve been sitting here entering contests instead of running…you’ve inspired me to turn the computer off and put on my shoes…right after this)

  83. I’m loving brown and lime green these days. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome giveaway!

  84. I love the fabrics!

  85. I’m following via Bloglovin.

  86. Anonymous says:

    what a nice giveaway , thank you…martamanole@yahoo.com

  87. You are definitely my kind of woman adding in that Starbucks card. I’m brewing my Starbucks right now. Makes your give away extra special. Hope I win.

  88. I love the green and navy. Such a fun combo!

  89. Currently I’m using purple and green together! Yum Starbucks!

  90. I’m loving grass green and navy blue!

  91. I love architectures! Thanks!

  92. plum and orange. Thanks!

  93. I think I really like magenta and chartreuse right now. :)

  94. Anonymous says:

    love the architextures!
    berly at uw dot edu

  95. I am liking greys and yellows also teal and purples I love all colors I used to say I did not like blues but then I realized I incorporate alot of blues into my quitls sherrisewgoes@q.com

  96. Love the prints!


  97. grey and aqua

  98. Grey and pink is my favorite color combo, but I’m really liking aqua and coral right now

  99. Blue and yellow with a hint of green! Beautiful!

  100. lovin coral and grey. And love you for including starbucks giftcards. you are just genius

  101. I love contrasting colors such as pink and green

  102. I’m digging on orange and turquoise. I know it’s super trendy but… i love it!

  103. Love purple and orange. Weird, I know.

  104. Orange with an eggplant-y purple.

  105. I am really loving grey with yellow!

  106. grey & orange, grey & teal, aqua & coral, blue on blue, green & orange…

    i would love to win this! thanks for the chance!!!

  107. I’m liking colors with grays, green and gray: yellow and gray: and others!

  108. Oh I’m always loving blues and greens together but I just finished a pink and orange scrappy trip around the world quilt that I like quite a bit!

  109. I love teal and deep red!

  110. I’m loving pastels right now in honor of spring!

    Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway!

  111. i love spring colours
    thank you for the nice giveaway

  112. This may sound boring but I’m loving black, white, and a crimson red right now!

  113. I like turquoise,orange, yellow, brown with golden tan.

  114. I’m really loving mustard yellow and gray right now.

  115. I love Aqua and Brown :-)

  116. gray and aqua!

  117. green green green from my stash, with some orange on the side! (i am in canada and i’ll pay your shipping) :)

  118. Can’t get enough navy and coral. Well, navy and anything really :)

  119. Navy and green!

  120. Aqua and orange.

  121. orange and teal. I heart them.

    mcintoshsusan@hotmail dot com

  122. coral and white. mmm.

  123. Gray and citron…yummy!

  124. Hmmm, orange & Blue! Thanks.

  125. Blue and green right now. So soothing!

  126. yellow and grey right now. Love!


  127. Turquoise, green, yellow and grey.

  128. Love this color combo too:
    turquoise, mango and grey.

  129. Its always been pink.
    But right now Im leaning towards pink and brown

  130. Love the fabrics!
    Hitting 31 years of running the end of this month.
    Thanks for participating and the best on your half!

  131. I love orange, green, and pink together-fresh and summery!

  132. Great giveaway. I’m a new follower to your blog and love that you are also a runner!

  133. Gray and Teal1

  134. I’m loving gray and blue.

  135. blue and yellow…always.

  136. Lime or turquoise and grey

  137. hard to say really….mustard yellow + pretty much anything OR neutral + neons :)

  138. I’m loving cream and gold!

  139. Anonymous says:

    I am liking anything with grey like teal, yellow, and grey.

  140. I love aqua and mustard yellow, aqua and white, or aqua and gray (have you noticed a theme?)

  141. I’ve loving jewel tones with gray, especially hot pink!

    Thanks for the chance!

  142. I love turquoise with almost any color, but right now I’m crazy about orange and turquoise.

  143. Currently I’m in the mood for that lof of the mixed “low volume” background with some brights in a featured design … blues and greens are current favourites.

  144. I love teal and hot pink

  145. blue/gray/green combos right now.

  146. Purple/black

  147. teal, green and purple. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  148. orange, grey, white.

  149. purple and grey!

  150. I like yellow and gray. Actually anything and gray is lovely.

  151. Navy, orange, and palest aqua. Thanks for hosting!

  152. I am loving purple and green right now.

  153. Fabric and coffee – 2 of my loves

  154. I am currently loving rainbow with black solid background.

  155. Turquoise & green!

  156. Anonymous says:

    Krista said gray and brights

  157. Coral and pink!

  158. I’m currently crushing on the blues and greens of the ocean!!!

  159. I’m currently crushing on the blue/green range of colors. But ask me tomorrow and that might change. 😉 ~ Carey

  160. aqua and orange, so fresh!

  161. Thanks for the chance to win! I’m loving green right now. Any shade.

  162. purple and aqua!

  163. I’m really into mint green and coral at the moment.

  164. Loving aqua, gray, and white

  165. I love purple, blue, orange, green and pink. All together. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  166. I love blues and greens but have started to add solids to my stash.

  167. My favorite right now is black, grey, and lime green.

  168. I love purple with yellow and orange!

  169. blue/green, orange/gray

  170. Purple, green, gray.

  171. Blues and oranges. Navy for boys and aqua and coral for girl quilts.

  172. I love gren, blue and purple.

  173. I like mint, yellow, pink!

  174. Anonymous says:

    I love red & aqua together.
    paweis at yahoo dot com

  175. Anonymous says:

    One color I have really been looking for is orange. It’s such a fun color.
    paweis at yahoo dot com

  176. Basically I love anything with orange and aqua at the moment. 😀 Thanks for a chance to win!

  177. Black, white and red.

  178. Gray, aqua, white, lime and orange

  179. I am loving pink and green or navy and green.

  180. grey aqua and raspberry today

  181. I love yellow and navy

  182. red and aqua

  183. I’m crushing on purple and gray.

  184. The varying shades of green.

  185. I know it’s so 2 years ago, but still love yellow and grey!

  186. pink and grey!!

  187. Ohh, whatever strikes my fancy that day…:) Thanks for such a great giveaway! vickise at gmail dot com

  188. Yellow and gray!

  189. I am working with brown, orange and lime green. It is the coolest color combination. I am surprised I like it. I am not really a brown person.

  190. I’m crushing on aqua and red. Thanks for the giveaway!

  191. I’m obsessed with yellow and grey!

  192. I might be a bit late to the party on this, but I do love turquoise and mustard<3 Thank you for a wonderful giveaway!

  193. obsessed with gray and yellow!

  194. I am currently loving aquas and reds together

  195. Purple + gray.

  196. Turquoise and red!

  197. Loving grey and anything neon.

  198. orange and aqua

  199. I really like brown (or gold) with green lately! I know…. no one likes brown :)

  200. Yellow and grey

  201. I love the blue and green combo a lot.

  202. Right now, I am loving greens and purples!

  203. Still red and aqua :)

  204. red and orange

  205. The color combination I currently love is red and light green.

  206. Man, I so love these textiles! Thanks for the chance of winning!

  207. Grey and Aqua is one of my current faves!

  208. navy blue, olive, purple and maroon

  209. I love pink, orange, gray

  210. Navy and coral. Thanks for the chance!

  211. I love the light grey and aqua combo

  212. teal and navy

  213. I love red paired with a robin’s egg blue.


  214. Aqua, white, & lime green

  215. RIght now : yellow, grey and orange

  216. Coral & aqua, for sure!

  217. i’m loving all different shades of green right now

  218. HI! IT’S AQUA+RED.




  220. I’m currently really into navy and coral.

  221. I’m loving orange and blue – classic for a reason!

  222. green and grey

  223. im really into aqua and red

  224. turquoise and neon pink

  225. aqua and red

  226. I am loving navy and coral together.

  227. orange and teal

  228. navy and anything!

  229. I love anything with green and white. christina112358 at gmail dot com

  230. Lately I’m really liking lime green and neutrals

  231. Grey and aqua! Love.

  232. Current colors…..purple…but blues are on the horizon!!!

  233. Those prints are gorgous… I want to crush on them!!! Thanks!

  234. Aqua, red and gray…today! Thanks for the chance.

  235. Coral, tangerine and lightblue!
    Esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  236. I like aqua, red and gray.

  237. I love yellows and greys

  238. Turquoise, pink, purple and grey

  239. Tangerine and khaki. Thanks for the chance to win.

  240. Magenta Lime Green and Yellow are my favorite this week, thank you for the giveaway!

  241. pink. gray and, cranberry is the flavor of the moment

  242. I really liking orange, aqua and coral lately! atabanana29(at)gmail(dot)com

  243. Two colors I’m crushing on are yellow and gray. Of course the old standby, aqua and red or pink always works too, hehe.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  244. Beautiful fabrics and coffee! Heaven! I love yellow and gray together.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  245. I like navy and lime.

  246. Navy and pink

  247. I am loving the teal and yellow combo right now. It can be both cool and warm!

  248. pink and grey

  249. Green & blue!

  250. Mustard yellow and gray {or any other color it goes with}

  251. Hmmm… pink and black, or maybe pink and brown.

  252. I’m loving gray and aqua.

  253. I love coral with black and white.

  254. My favorite color combo right now is blue, green, and purple. Thank you! anglanouette(at)gmail(dot)com

  255. Red and Aqua!!

  256. Aqua, lime green, yellow and a dash of orange. Bright and happy and an old favorite.

  257. I am working with red/grey/black and the qulit is just striking!

  258. I always love blue and green together!

  259. I love teal and aqua together, maybe with some hot pink or orange as well!

  260. I like aqua and orange!

  261. grey and burgundy.


  262. I’m enjoying grey and red right now.

  263. Purple and Aqua.


  264. navy and pale green!
    peachstateme (at) hotmail (dot) com

  265. I’m loving tangerine orange and turquoise.

  266. I’m loving lime green and gray.

  267. purple and peach

  268. My favorite color combo for quilting/sewing is PROYGBIV (pink is a color, too)! I want to also make something that is aqua and orange (for me)!

  269. Navy blue and yellow!

  270. I’m loving gray with any summery color – turquoise, coral, yellow. Beautiful!

  271. Navy/Pink/Green/Aqua. I am a little obsessed at the moment!

  272. I love the fabric and I could always use a cup of joe! Thank you for the chance to win two different bundles!

  273. I always love green & pink!

  274. I’m really loving greens and purples together

  275. I love lots of color combos, depending on my mood at the moment..

  276. i love the fabric that you’ve selected. onlyjamieh(@)gmail(dot)com

  277. I love gray and any color but right now im loving it with yellow! onlyjamieh(@)gmail(dot)com

  278. I love pink and green. Thank you for the giveaway.

  279. I really love aqua and orange. Thanks for the chance to win!

  280. I love red and aqua!

  281. Blue and green

  282. yellow and black saw it somewhere and loved it. thanks

  283. Currently, black, white and aqua.

  284. As of today, I am totally crushing on orange, pink, purple. Saw a pillow in that combination earlier and I am consumed with desire to go make…

  285. Loving aqua and orange/coral!

  286. Funny thing – I love blue and green together.

  287. loving that green and navy!! yummmmm!

  288. Grey and green right now!

  289. I love pink and grey.

  290. Pretty shades of pink for my new granddaughter.

  291. Spring green and grey.

  292. Emerald green, blues, purples and gray. Thank you for this giveaway.

  293. i love aqua and gray

  294. I’m big on Orange & Cream right now!

  295. This comment has been removed by the author.

  296. I’m just really into pale colors, yellow, blue, pink, green, with pops of red!

  297. Blues and Greens!!

    You are going to love Portland (my home town) Make sure to go to Fabric Depot!

  298. I’m loving blues and tans. Thanks so much!

  299. I love anything pink right now.

  300. I’m currently working on a hot pink and brown quilt and so I am seeing it everywhere. Good thing I like it!

  301. purple and green!

  302. I am liking oranges and blues

  303. Hot pink and black

  304. Red &green yellow. Coullmills@gmail.com

  305. Aqua and orange! Thanks for the chance. I’ve had my eye on these fabrics for awhile.

  306. Oh gosh, I think it changes by the hour! Haha, but at this moment, navy, magenta and chartreuse! But seriously, that purple orange bundle might change my mind! Thanks for the giveaway!

  307. I love gray, red and aqua. Thanks for the chance to win!

  308. I love the orange and the reds

  309. Purple and gray

  310. I always love red, orange, green, and blue together!

  311. I love anything and navy — thank you so much!

  312. I love low volumes and almost anything, but especially deep pinks and reds. And oranges. Thanks!!

  313. Green/navy for sure

  314. I am liking coral and grey, pink and teal, purple and yellow

  315. aqua and red Thank you for doing a giveaway.

  316. I like brown and aqua. Thanks for chance to win.

  317. I am loving the combo of orange and aqua!

  318. gray and yellow. so pretty.

  319. I’m currently crushing on the aqua red pink combo.

  320. I’m in love with yellow and pink.

  321. Oh, I like both bundles! Thanks!

  322. Blue and green!

  323. I currently love the aqua trend – esp with browns or yellows

  324. Just about anything with purple! Or blue & green…

  325. I’m liking pinks and purples lately!

  326. I love navy and orange!

  327. orange and pink…yummy! Thanks for the chance!

  328. Reds and oranges are great. Maybe purple and green is more spring like though!

  329. I am loving teal and orange. Not so original, I know, but I have a stack that has been sitting and waiting for me to get to it forever, and I just can’t wait to work with it!

  330. Purple and green! monique.belmer at gmail.com

  331. What fun bundles Andrea! I love summer colors-aqua, khaki, sunny yellow, bright greens. And white!

  332. Rachel R. says:

    I am currently working on redoing a bathroom and also decorating my kitchen. I am love orange and teal and also yellow and aqua. Thanks for the chance to win!

  333. I’m loving those purple and orange combo’s. I’m working on a pink teal and green combination right now. I’m International but happy to pay postage if I win. :)

  334. Hello from Minnesota! My favorite color combination is really brights (like neon) with neutrals. I just love color-blocked outfits like that or low volume quilts with little pops of super-bright color.

  335. Grey and yellow are fab! :)

  336. I am lovin the color aqua. Pairing it with gray, coral, red. Having fun playing with it.

  337. I’m totally crushing on green and brown lately! Thanks for the chance! :)

  338. red, teal and cream. I made a chevron wedding quilt recently, loved it so much I almost couldn’t get it to the bride. Thanks.

  339. I love teal and grey

  340. I like blues/greens.

  341. Navy and Citron is a color combination that I’m dying to do something with.

  342. green and purple. Thanks for the chances.

  343. I’m really liking teal, raspberry, and grey. :) Thanks! amhalverson(at)gmail(dot)com

  344. I am drawn to reds and aquas!

  345. Orange and Navy

  346. I like grey and orange

  347. Coral and gray!

  348. Right now I am loving yellow/gray/black/white!

  349. Bold Rainbow! Though light green or blue with white is so fresh!

  350. red pink aqua

  351. need that Starbucks card!

  352. greens and blues

  353. This comment has been removed by the author.

  354. I’m loving the aqua/coral combos now, very fresh and fun!

  355. I am crushing on tourquoise and grey

  356. crushing on yellows and oranges right now

  357. I am loving pink and orange right now.

  358. emmevon(at)gmail(dot)com

    gray and pink!

  359. Red & Yellow. I’m planning my next quilt.

  360. I am working on a purple and peach quilt.

  361. turquoise and raspberry
    contentncm at yahoo dot com

  362. blue!

  363. Lime and grey.

  364. Love dusty purple and grey right now.

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