Hello Monday {on Tuesday} …

Hello to an incredible long weekend away. It was FULL!
We just got home yesterday from 5 days away … so today feels like Monday. And it feels like I’m definitely in catch-up mode … but, I’m making progress. Groceries are bought and laundry is washed. 
However … there is a little bit of celebrating that may get in the way of my heavy to-do list. 
I’m saying hello to these Lemon Curd Bars from Leigh Anne on 30 Handmade Days. I’ve had them pinned for a long time and they seemed like the perfect dessert for a birthday/sewing date tomorrow.
I’m saying hello to some sweet shopping that in a tiny way is helping to support our friends in Oklahoma. What a generous act for Hello Apparel to donate ALL the money from their first batch of tanks {to the tune of $35,000} and ALL the proceeds from their second batch.
** Selfishly I was tickled to ordered one because this is my sweet great-niece’s catch phrase. Ask her most anything and you get the cutest, “ok.” **
Of course, the thing I’m really saying HELLO to is … 
HELLO … I RAN 13.1 FREAKING {yes, freaking} MILES on SUNDAY!! It was crazy awesome. There were even a few tears. Of course, it deserves a post all it’s own, which should happen soon … like maybe when I can comfortably walk the stairs!!
Happy Monday {on Tuesday}! I hope you can find something to celebrate.
Praying for those that don’t feel like they do this week!


  1. So happy you are home! Saying hello to you!

  2. Congrats and thanks for sharing that tank, I need one!

  3. You. are. awesome! Congrats on your half-marathon. I’m super impressed with you =)

  4. Oh Congratulations! You are amazing…such an accomplishment.

  5. Great job on your halfsie!!! and i love the hello ok shirts :)

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