Whoop-whoop … let’s get the par-tay started!!
I think I told you May was going to be packed full of nothing but wonderful, right?
Mother’s Day!
Quilt Market!
And get this … that was just the start … because TODAY marks {36} years since I joined the world.
Ignoring that pesky number that keeps getting bigger …
{cos – am I the only one that thinks it’s cool to be turning 36 on the 24th? I’m sure it’s very significant!}
A birthday on a Friday, second best to a Saturday.
A birthday that kicks off a three day weekend, winning!
A birthday that falls smack dab between an amazing trip to Portland, OR and a girl’s weekend at The Farm Chicks, AWESOMESAUCE.
Seriously, feeling spoiled already!
life rearranged
So, because I was busy whooping it up last Friday, let’s see what the last week + held Instagram style::
Last two half-marathon training runs.
I *borrowed* this from Ann Voskamp’s IG feed.
I couldn’t agree more. In fact I feel like it holds so much freedom if we can fully lay down our plan and just be where He has us.
Packaging up orders and snacking on blueberries & yogurt before I left for Quilt Market.
Road trippin’ with good reads and a new tote that held almost everything but the kitchen sink!
1/4 of the line to get into the Quilt Market Sample Spree. Wheeeeeeeee!
These ladies are serious about good deals on fabric. I got to be behind the counter helping Robert Kaufman. So much fun!
{In fact, so much fun, that this is the only Quilt Market photo I Instagrammed!! Not to worry, I have a lot of photos to share and a full post. Sorry I wasn’t a better tour guide, I just get to caught up in the moment.}
The night before / The morning of the half-marathon.
The 5:30AM alarm came way too early after an 11:00PM bedtime.
Starbucks to the rescue with awesome pre-run food {oatmeal, banana, water … no iced tea … boo!}.
Not only was this girl the best Quilt Market hostess to me, she also signed up and ran this crazy race with me despite the fact that she hates running. We may have only spent a weekend together, but she’s one of those people you just feel like you’ve known forever! She made the weekend over the top fun!
Again, deserving of its own post, but this is what a happy half-marathon finisher looks like and this is her time. Not too shabby. I’ll tell you all about my goals in my race post, but this time fell smack in the middle of the two times I had hoped for. Such a blessing to have both my boys and my Bestie there at the finish line. 
*I might have shed a few tears.*
Want to know something re-donk-ulous?
After running 13.1 FREAKING miles, I didn’t even feel like dessert that day. I wasn’t sick or anything, I just wasn’t that hungry? Crazy!!
So I made up for it on our way out of town and indulged in 1 1/2 doughnuts. Mmmmm.
Sitting in the car for 8 hours the day after you run a half-marathon is not advisable. It felt great until I had to walk up our stairs. Ouchie … my quads were revolting!
So I kicked up my feet for a few extra minutes on Tuesday … 
… and then took my legs for a ‘shake out’ run that night. As of Thursday everything was feeling great!
So there you have it a few low key days following some pretty intense ones … 
all geared up for a weekend of LOVE, LAUGHTER & CELEBRATING!


  1. Happy Birthday! And congratulations on your running results!

  2. Yay for celebrating and FARM CHICKS! I’m excited for both :)

  3. Happy Happy Birthday you young thing! Enjoy your day and enjoy your next trip to Farm Chicks!

  4. Happy Birthday! I just found your blog earlier this morning because your link was on another crafty blog (I can’t remember which one now). So I was checking your blog out for the quilting/sewing. Then I saw pictures of you running and looking so happy. I have been trying to motivate myself to start running again. So because of your blog I ran three miles (with a little walking – it has been a while since I last ran) this morning and I feel wonderful. Just don’t ask me to bend down and pick anything up. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. I wasn’t hungry after my half either. Like we went to Cracker Barrel and I had to make myself eat the Chicken and Dumplings and that’s one of my favorite things there. I hope your birthday was wonderful!!!

  6. gigi kennedy says:

    congrats on the half!! & happy birthday!

  7. That is an awesome time! Looks like a fun weekend, thanks for sharing :) It was fun to hear about it in person, too!

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