Warning:: Lots of running pics AGAIN in this week’s Instagram feed.

Only a few more weeks people and then I’ll try to move on to summer fun, sewing with a few running pics for good measure!!

Despite the running photos outweighing everything else, there is A LOT of sewing gone … it’s just all for Quilt Market which means I can’t show it off yet … but boy are there some cute fabrics and patterns I’m loving!

This was every kind of awful. 6.2 little miles after I had ran 8 {and felt great} the week before. It just goes to show that some runs are like that. 
Oh and half way through when I thought I might die I realized I drank almost no water the day before. Iced tea by the plenty, but no water. What can I say, it was a GREAT Friday. But Saturday morning I felt, dumb, dumb, dumb.
On the flip side, Monday’s run was a good one. Not the fastest, but good enough. I was supposed to go 5 miles, but I wanted to round out April with a nice even 64 miles … so I only went 4.7. Can we say anal-retentive?!?
Without sharing TMI I seem to easily suffer from “runner’s trot” {look it up, I dare you}. Yep, lucky me. I’ve found that drinking an electrolyte filled drink right after helps a lot. But the sugar does not. Thus I give you nuun. It’s delightful. Mild flavor, low calorie and no sugar but full of the electrolytes I need. I drink {1} after each run and I drink {1 or 2} the day before a long {over 6 miles} run. My new favorite flavor is fruit punch.
May is going to be a very fun month. I can’t wait to see my miles at the end of this month. April’s 64 is the most I’ve ever ran in a month … I’d like May to knock it off the starting blocks!
Pinterest FTW {for the win}!! I modified this recipe. I cut it in half and prepared it open faced like a pizza and omitted the mozzarella {because we didn’t have any and I didn’t think it really needed it}. Uhm, hello new favorite healthy and delicious lunch. Whole wheat pitas would make it even healthier … San Pellegrino blood orange? Well it looks healthy doesn’t it? 
Have you tried the grapefruit flavor? Oh my gatos {or at least that’s what my Seester would say}!! 
Sunset run with a little pep in my step … must have been my awesome lunch!
Oh wait, it’s just because I suffer from being AWESOME. 
My Bestie sent me this and it just made me smile.
I love it … and her {even if she doesn’t understand}!
And a crazy little idea of mine … see this post for all the details!
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Happy Weekend! Mine involves a 9 mile run, lots of sunshine and hopefully a bike ride!!


  1. Go lady go! You are such an inspiration! Happy Friday to ya!

  2. The pita salad/pizza looks divine!

    I never feel like I drink enough water sometimes after a workout. Maybe I need an extra electrolyte boost. Thanks for the helpful insight.

  3. Sandy says:

    Good for you with the running, I am amazed! I love your face in the first picture– hahaha! I’ll have to check the nuun stuff out. Thanks for the tip and Happy Weekend!

  4. Oh girl. I have the same tummy trouble. It’s not fun. But go go go girlfriend!! (Limemade on IG)

  5. Hee hee I like that you’re using seester jargon 😉 I’m so proud of you- you are killing it! And I’m glad that you’ve found a solution to the trots because well they can really cramp your style. Can’t wait to hear all about that half marathon!

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