Have I completely lost it?

I KNOW some of you are probably SICK of the running talk … I mean, really, isn’t this supposed to be a sewing blog?!? Well yes, but it’s also about the person behind the sewing and right now, she happens to be pretty high on the running endorphins.

Bear with me.

I had this crazy idea … and it may just be that, we’ll see … to host a friendly incentive challenge related to the ” X ” miles a month challenge that Marta {@hausofgirls on Instagram} issues every month. If you haven’t taken part of it, I really challenge you to jump in for a month and see what happens. It’s a great encouragement and your own little cheering club. Walk or run, it doesn’t matter how you log the miles as long as you’re ma-ma-moving!

So here is where my crazy-incentive-challenge-idea comes in …

YOU let me know here, on Facebook or on Instagram that you’d like to jump in on my challenge. Then once a week I will challenge THREE of YOU to a certain amount of miles in ONE GO within 7 days. Then when YOU are challenged, you take some sort of photo as ‘proof’ that you met the challenge {i.e. photo of your watch, screen shot of your GPS app or just some lovely scenery along your miles … I trust ya to be honest} and I send YOU a mug rug!

A what? A mug rug … a glorified coaster {that is really an oh so cute bit of sunshine for your world} that nicely holds not only your water bottle, but also some coffee, tea or hey, who am I to judge, a little afternoon call from Dr. Pepper.

Clear as mud?

1. Join in – comment here {make sure I have an e-mail address} / Facebook page / Instagram {make sure to tag #milesformugrugs & @knittybitties}.
2. Wait for me to e-mail you / tag you with a challenge.
3. Complete the challenge within 7 days and document it using #milesformugrugs & tagging @knittybitties {or e-mail me}.
4. Wait 2-3 weeks for a mug rug to show up in your mailbox there by making your day bright and encouraging you to log more miles!

So … am I crazy or are you in for a little fun?!?

Feel free to share this on your Facebook page / blog / Instagram feed!


  1. what an awesome idea!! I am totally IN. 😀

    thesweetestpetunia {at} gmail {dot} com

  2. This is so kind of you. Thanks. My email is jhuntsman17@gmail.com. my instagram is jhuntsman17.

  3. I’m so totally in! It’s so sweet of you to do this. I know I could use all the motivation I can get! My email is mcnary22@comcast.net and Instagram is annie_macs.

  4. Count me in!

    Everlastingeli {at} gmail {dot} com

  5. I’m in too!!
    instagram: kkelly14

  6. I have challenged myself to start running again after a year and a baby. This sounds like another good way to get motivated. Since I am just starting out if you go for the big miles please opt me out. Thank you for the challenge and the motivation!
    Suzanne dot Jourdan at gmail.com

  7. How fun!!! I love it! I am in: delaney (dot) suzanne (at) gmail

  8. I love this idea!!

    My email is hello@sewbon.com and my instagram is sewbon

    Thanks! This sounds really FUN!

  9. i’m in! sounds fantastic – mug rug is great incentive :) ha!


  10. I love this…I’m in!

    Pacholke21 at gmail dot com

  11. I’m in! 5redhens at gmail.com

    Oh, and can you tell me what that bicycle fabric is?

  12. Love it! I’m in! Tracyd53@hotmail.com.

  13. How fun!! :) My email is ella.janeinc@gmail.com

  14. april says:

    I’m in! Any push helps, right? I’m one of those weirdos that likes to run in cold weather more than hot. When the temp starts going up I need all the motivation I can get!


  15. How fun and generous of you! This is my first mileage challenge and I’m hooked!


  16. Ok, I’m in too. I really need help getting out there. I’d much rather stay inside and knit/crochet. MUCH rather. I know once I start, it’ll get easier…right? :)

    My email is katielousoup@gmail and my Instagram is katielousoup. Thanks for the encouragement!

  17. I’m in for walking my friend!

  18. Can I still join? This kid needs some motivation to get ma-ma-moving!

    IG: mylifeasmrscook

  19. Is it too late to join? I am training for a 10K coming up and need some motivation!

    eringustafson at live dot com

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