TBT:: Silhouette Cover

 It’s Throw Back Thursday {TBT} time again.

In an effort to get all my DIY & tutorial posts neat and tidy on my blog, I’ll be re-posting tutorials I’ve written and contributed initially to other blogs. Maybe you’ll find something new to inspire you!

Today’s project was inspired by both form & function. I have a Silhouette SD {crossing my fingers I win one of those lovely Cameo’s someday soon} and while I love almost everything about it, I do not love that it’s rubber feet leave marks on my white desktop. So … this has been my current solution {for more than a year} … a scrap of fabric. Because my Silhouette is left out in a high traffic area, I also wanted to come up with a cute and easily removable cover.

This is a super simple weekend project that will add a splash of personality to your creative space!

Here’s what I came up with::

Silhouette Cover
Finished size:: 17″ x 18″

Supplies needed::

Cutting Instructions::

  • Cut solid {red} fabric 5.5 x wof {width-of-fabric} / then cut to 5.5×17.5 / then cut remaining piece to 4×17.5
  • Cut solid {cream} fabric 17.5 x wof / then cut to 17.5×18.5 / cut remaining piece to 3.5×17.5

To determine the above measurements and cutting, I measured both the width of my Silhouette {17″} as well as the circumference around the Silhouette {17″} and added in an additional 1″ ease to the circumference. If you have a Silhouette Cameo, you can do the same and then adjust the above measurements as needed to create a wide/long enough cover.

Sewing Instructions::

Choose 4 of your charm squares for the main accent strip of the cover. Sew squares together using a 1/4″ SA {seam allowance}. I substituted an embroidery accent piece for one of the squares.

With the remaining 2 charm squares, cut them in half and sew them together for the secondary accent strip.

Arrange the strips as follow to create the cover {listed from bottom to top as shown in photo}::
Red Strip 4×17.5
Main Accent Strip 5×18.5
Cream Strip 3.5×17.5
Secondary Accent Strip 2.5×18.5
Red Strip 5.5×17.5

Starting with the Red 5.5×17.5 strip, begin sewing the strips together. Stop when you get to the Main Accent Strip.

Add the ric-rac accent to the Main Accent Strip. {Hint:: I like to glue my ric-rac in place using Fabric-Tac adhesive}

Continue sewing the Main Accent Strip and remaining Red Strip to the cover front.

Press seams away from accent strips. Iron the cover front.

Cut twill tape/ribbon into {4} 6″ lengths. Place one piece of twill 4.5″ in from each 17.5″ side. Place the twill so it lays on top of of the cover front, pin and stitch into place 1/8″ from the edge.

Create a quilt sandwich as follows: Cotton Batting, then Cover Front face up, then Cover Back {17.5×18.5 cream fabric} face down. Pin all around and mark a 3″ opening. Stitch all pieces together using a 1/4″ SA making sure to not stitch your 3″ opening.

Trim excess batting. Trim corners.

Using 3″ opening, turn the project right side out and “poke” out the corners with a corner tool or knitting needle. Press cover making sure to tuck in and press your 3″ opening.

Topstitch 1/8″ all around the cover to add finishing detail and close the 3″ opening. Add additional quilting to accent the cover.

Whaaa-laaa!! A beautiful cover that will protect your Silhouette from dust, protect your desk from Silhouette feet AND look good doing both!


  1. Ah! That is so cute! I love the fabric, it is adorable :)

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