WIWW {Half-Marathon Style}

Well … I know you guys are waiting with baited breath for my half-marathon re-cap and trust me, I am bursting to yackity-yack-yack about it … BUT … lest I bore you tears with all words, I’m waiting to get all the photos downloaded to add a little visual entertainment.
In the meantime, I thought I’d do the half-marathon style of, What I Wore Wednesday {WIWW}::
Mother Nature was so kind and gave us a beautiful running morning in Portland. Overcast {but not raining}, cool {but not cold} and little to no wind. Perfect. Although it did mean starting with and planning for an extra layer or two before, during and after the race.
Let’s take a look::
Pre-Half with my awesome weekend companion and race partner, Erin of The Sewing Summit & Two More Seconds
{Note:: Why I had to insist on bending down to Erin’s height for these pictures I can not explain except that I am indeed a weirdo. I’m sure Erin can attest to this in more ways than just awkward photos after a full weekend with me!}
I didn’t want to get cold before the race started, so I waited until the last minute to shed my outermost layer and leave at ‘bag drop-off’ to put back on after the race.
Visor – Brooks Run Happy
{This was a splurge from the Expo. the day before the race. Love it! I never wear a visor and this one was so comfortable I didn’t even notice it!}
{I really love this top. It’s two layers of performance knit which makes it heavier than a tech-tee, but lighter than a sweatshirt. Plus the added stitching, thumb holes and reversibility make it a great and very affordable addition to my running wardrobe}.
Sparkle Skirt – Does this skirt make my butt look fast?
{You might not think a sparkle skirt does anything for your race performance, but that just means you’ve never sported one. Mine helped me set a PR … what? This was my first half? Shhhhh.}
{I don’t tend to wear capris for that long and I didn’t want to invest a lot in them so I took a chance on these and I really love them. No chaffing or annoyance during the race.} 

I don’t have a great photo of the beginning of the race, but basically, I shed the Fila performance tee and underneath I had my Brooks long sleeve Run Happy EX T over my tank. Somewhere around mile 4 or 5 I took off my long sleeve and tied it around my waist. Not ideal, but better than being cold.
{Erin and I stumbled on this most adorable shop on our way to Athleta the night before the race. This tank was just to cute {and clever} to not buy. I mean it has the tiniest little button holes to hold your race bib and not ruin your shirt … a tiny carabeaner for your keys … pockets galore … cah-ute!}
{Of course, since I bought the tank I *needed* to wear it for the race and naturally I hadn’t packed a ‘cute’ racerback sports bra, so I *had* to get one of these too. Again, I lucked out with a great fit and no chaffing or uhm, bouncing?!?}
{I never run without my SPI belt. It’s the BEST little invention. Kinda fanny pack, but not really at all. It nicely holds my phone, chapstick and my energy chews if I need them.}
{An even better version of what I was running in, the Run Light Micro. These socks are so thin and breathe great. My feet were definitely sore after 13.1 miles, but they were not hot and I didn’t have ANY blisters!!}
Now, if you’re not into running, I’m sure you found this post uber boring … for which I am sorry. But maybe one day you’ll find yourself running a race and wondering what to wear. I would love to see more *specific* posts like this. It always help to hear real life reviews when you’re spending this kind of money on clothing.
Which brings me to my last note. You DO NOT have to spend that kind of money {above} to run and run happy. 
If I had to tell you the top 3 things to spend money on it would be 1. Shoes 2. Socks 3. Bra. The rest is all frosting. 
Sure, I will say that the higher end items usually wash and wear better in the long run. I have built a decent running wardrobe over the last 6 years, but I did not start out spending big bucks for my threads. But now, 6 years later I’ve learned a lot and I feel like investing in a handful of great mix and match pieces will keep me running happy. I get the same feeling when I’m *put together* for a run {whether it be around the ‘hood or in a race} as I do when I’m *put together* for the day. It gives me a little more confidence to step out the door and get my run on … but please, please, please do not let having the right outfit stop you from stepping out the front door and logging those miles.
P.S. The “lucy” tank/bra was my *treat* for finishing my half-marathon. I also *treated* myself to a tank/shorts from Athleta when I hit my half way training mark. If a little tangible reward helps keep you going and you can afford it, so be it. I’m still pretty sure I spend less annually than a gym membership!


  1. You rock! Period! Xoxo

  2. You know how I feel about running and yet I was oddly interested in this post. I have learned the right clothes can make a difference in a workout.

  3. Congratulations on finishing your half. I’ve heard that the Rock N Roll’s are fun. My order of necessity would be 1. shoes 2. bra 3. socks…

  4. Love the style! Congratulations!!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Congrats on running a half marathon! I am new to running and it does help to see/read posts like this one…in fact do all the running info posts you want :)
    I enjoy your blog and check back here weekly…I do a bit of sewing myself and my name is Andrea also :)

  6. Congrats! you are such an inspiration to me! I love the picture of you crossing the finish like– you look AWESOME!

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