Flat Ethan {and summer activities} …

We still have a day and a half of school left … but I’ve been brainstorming and thinking of “what I want our summer break to look like” for weeks. It’s 8 precious weeks and I plan to make the very most of them.
My shop/business will not be a top priority, in fact, it will barely be a priority … what? I know, I’m probably NOT the person to give you the best ‘how to run a home business’ advice, BUT I can tell you this is what my family needs and that is my priority.
In the past, we’ve written out the things we want to on index cards and kept them on a binder ring. This has worked pretty good, but I think this year, we’re going to have general weekly goals and then get more detailed in our planning our week on Sundays.
I saw a cute idea that Kelsey of Poofy Cheeks posted showing a string of paper popsicles which would be cute to write out our weeks goals/plans.

Another way I plan to document our summer, came about this past weekend when I went to Farm Chicks. I wanted to do something to ‘stay in touch’ with my Little while I was away. I’ve seen different ideas based on “Flat Stanley” and decided to have him draw himself so I could create a “Flat Ethan” to travel with me. I laminated his drawing and added a popsicle stick. I then took pictures along the way and at the Farm Chicks show. It turned out so cute, my very creative friend mentioned the idea of doing it with her boys over the summer as a way of documenting their adventures. I LOVE that idea {and I’m totally stealing it}!

Each week I’d like to do the following::

  • 1 Craft/Science experiment – something a little more elaborate than our typical arts/crafts projects.
  • 1 Park Date – either meeting friends, packing a picnic lunch or grabbing a quilt and our favorite books to just read.
  • 1 Treat Date – a fun ‘sweet’ outing, Sonic Happy Hour or a lunch date.
  • 1 Swimming Date – either at our friend’s pool or the water park.
  • 1 Stay-at-Home Day – I really strive to balance having something to do and enjoying having nothing to do. A stay-at-home days keeps us all grounded and a little more relaxed with everything else.
  • *Almost* Daily Bike Rides – this was such a sweet memory from our summer last year and I want to get in as many bike miles as we can this summer too!

Speaking of bike rides, do you remember how we did ‘miles for ice cream’ last summer? Well pop on over to 30 Handmade Days today to see my contribution to Mique’s Funner in the Summer series where I talk about how that got started and SHARE a free printable so you can join in too!!
Now tell me, What fun things you’ve thought up for your summer break?!?


  1. We only get 6 weeks holiday here and it doesn’t start until July 19th, so I am very envious of all the people already starting their summer hols. We are planning to add 2 extra bedrooms to our house so will spend the holiday doing that!

  2. Sandy says:

    Sounds like a FUN summer! A few weeks ago we started talking about making a list of all of the things we want to do this summer. We still need to make the list! I love flat Ethan. Not as cute as the “real” one, but you can’t have it all :)

  3. Now that Kylee is done with school we will be making our “Flats” tomorrow. They should all bring them to the park on Fri and take a picture :)

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