Hello Monday {Hello Summer Break} …

… so yeah, we are in full fledged summer mode and technically today was only our first day!!

You see where this blog is headed for the next few months, don’t you? ;D

I mean, I’m too busy doing crazy things like READING (for pure fun) and QUILTING (projects that have been oh so patiently waiting) and WATERING (the flowers I planted) and just enjoying the blessed FREEDOM of no real schedule.

I’m also fighting off allergies … or so I keep telling myself … it CAN NOT be a cold. I do not have time for a cold. So I may be taking it a little easier and slower than I’d planned and my to-do list isn’t getting checked off quite as quick.

Oh well it will all be there tomorrow, right?

I do have hopes of keeping the blog up to date and even adding content, but we’ll just have to see how that works its self into my non-scheduled summer days.

I hope you are all doing the same!!


  1. Hope you have a great summer.

  2. I need to channel your relaxed energy a bit more!
    I’m feeling a little bit like SUMMER means more to do! summer here starts today!

  3. gigi kennedy says:

    three cheers for summer vacation! my kids still have a week to go so we are in a holding pattern here. if only it would stop raining…then we’d be set!

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