{Insta-Friday} on Monday …

In full disclosure, in the hub-bub-aloo of heading up to the most crazy fun weekend at Farm Chicks {ah-mazing time, just waiting for our ring leader, Kelly, to re-cap so I can just link to it … bwahahaha … not kidding}, I forgot to finish and publish my {Insta-Friday} post.
So let me say, Goodbye Friday and Hello Monday!
Here is what I meant to post::

life rearranged

Guys, I was SO spoiled this past weekend with love and treats for my birthday. Thank you for all your sweet wishes and thanks to God who has surrounded me with such an amazing support system. I am truly blessed!!
It’s really not at all about the presents for me {I know people say that and sure, I do LOVE getting presents} as  much as is getting special time with those dearest to my heart. Of course, spending that special time while enjoying delicious eats never hurts either!
So let’s see what’s been going on since last Friday!
Knowing I had a weekend full of those delicious eats, I kicked off my birthday with a 3.6 mile run {I mean it was that or a 36 mile run … and I did want to live through my birthday, so I went with 3.6}.
Best Birthday Lunch ever? Quite possibly. 
Made even better celebrated with two of my longest friendships.
Also the best? Still getting to celebrate your birthday with your family AND having your mom cook your favorite meal. I made my own cake {I wanted to} and it would have been over the top delicious had I read 1T instead of 1t of baking powder. It was still edible for sure, just a lot more dense. A do over is in order soon!
Sunday was a most lovely day.
Church. Naps. Flower buying & planting. Picnic dinner & river walking. Gelato.
Just as I’d hoped for a celebrating with my little family of 3.
I read several different articles online that recommend taking the week after a half marathon off. Too bad I read them after I’d already ran twice that week. So, instead, I’ve been trying to ease myself back into running and not building my weekly miles up too quickly.

We had lots of rain in the forecast for this week and I finally found a decent deal on a rain jacket I could run in. Turns out the cute coral rain jacket is magical and keeps the rain away while I’m running. Which means it gets tied around my waist … which is kind of annoying, but I’m not sure if it’s more annoying than rain?!?

Daisy girl only gets to sleep on our bed during nap time, so she get very excited when she sees me pull up the duvet and pat the bed for her to come on up. She looks like she likes it, doesn’t she?!?

I got a bundle of happy new fabrics that I hope to sew up some lovelies with this summer for the shop. Even sweeter than the fabric is the ‘extra’ little tiny charm pack tucked inside. I love supporting good people with great customer service!

I LOVE this picture of me crossing the finish line. It totally sums up how I felt and how I still feel about finishing my very first half marathon. I blogged about “what I wore” for the race on Wednesday.

And … I finished up May with not #52milesinmay but {70} miles in May!!
That is a very good feeling and was a great kick-off to a weekend of way too many good eats and treats.
Time to get logging the miles for June!

I hope your weekend was great and wishing you an awesome week ahead!


  1. Congrats Andrea!! Looks like it was allllllllllll good : )

  2. So glad you had a good birthday!

  3. You are fast! Happy birthday weekend…Ever consider sewing lessons?

  4. Not for you but to teach others. (thought I’d better clarify!)

  5. So glad you had a fun birthday weekend. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

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