{Insta-Friday} Weekend Catch Up

So I started this post LAST Saturday. Yeah. Like I said, we’re in full summer break mode here and I refuse to feel guilty about not having the time {or the motivation} to blog when I’m busy living it up with my family. {Can you tell I have to repeat this to myself *almost* daily … “I will not feel guilty, I will not feel guilty …”}

This is my first Insta-Friday post for June, so … go pour some iced tea {or better yet, some of this lemonade}, sit back and enjoy the post … I mean heck, draw it out … a little each day … as it may not happen again for awhile {tee hee}.

Running, running, and still running.
I kinda tapered off a bit post half-marathon, but I’m gaining back mileage and speed. Summer running is a little trickier. I have to either get out EARLY or wait until LATE. My Sweets works a rotating shift, so it just depends on his work days if I go morning or night, but if I had to pick, it would be the very early morning.

I kicked off June with our 3rd Annual girls trip to The Farm Chicks show in Spokane, WA.
The drive up through Idaho has not disappointed us. I mean seriously, doesn’t this look fake it’s so beautiful? We were in complete awe for hours as we drove through the beautiful Palouse.

The “VIP 4” with THE Farm Chick herself, Serena.
{L-R, Serena, Summer, Jessica, Kelly, Me}

Just a taste at the amazing booth set up:
We had an amazing time and I’d tell you I’d blog about it, but I think you wouldn’t believe me at this point … so I’ll tell you to hop over to Kelly’s blog for the full scoop. She’s our memory factotum.
Before we headed out of town, we made a detour so that this girl could get a taste of Trader Joe’s … it had been over 6 years since she had been to one! We like to make dreams come true on our trips.

In an effort to ‘keep in touch’ with my Little while I was away at Farm Chicks, I had him make a “Flat Ethan” to travel with me. You can read more about him here and why we’re keeping him around.

Here he is enjoying summer break with us:
Helping E pick out his first frames and enjoying his first lunch at Whole Foods.

First day of swimming this summer for E and first time at Sonic happy hour for Flat Ethan.
Follow along at #flatethanadventures
And just like that … he goes and finishes 3rd grade. I love it. I hate it. Can I hold him back?

A little bag of summer fun to kick off the last day of school / first day of summer break. 
Water gun, goggles & pool toys, books, a new towel and glow in the dark bubbles.

So what have I been doing on summer break since clearly I’m not sitting at the computer much these days::

Hanging out at the park … sippin’ and readin’.

Baking muffins for slow moving mornings.
Together we’ve been:

Having ice cream dates, lunch dates and sleepovers with family.

Logging miles on our bikes for our #milesforicecream goal of 50 miles!
We’re at 21!

Playing games and just plain having fun doing nothing or anything we want!
Three cheers for summer … which technically only started TODAY!
life rearranged

I really do hope to see you guys back here next week for my {FINALLY} half-marathon re-cap and a few fun finds of late {but no promises}. Happy Weekend, Happy Summer-ing!


  1. looks like so much summer fun! perfect reason to not blog. 😉

  2. Sandy says:

    How FUN! I love his glasses… too cute! Flat Ethan totally cracks me up. I bet it is so fun for both of you. See you tonight 😀

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