Miscellany Monday

Happy Monday!
I’ve got a couple hodge podge creative thoughts running through my head and thus it seems like a Miscellany Monday post will be the most perfect fit for them.

Hold on, there’s no telling where this random brain of mine will take you … let’s hope I don’t get side tracked.

I discovered this INCREDIBLE artist at The Farm Chicks Show, Cori Dantini, and fell in love with her work {and she is quite adorable and super sweet too!}.

I had such a hard time picking JUST two prints. The first one I spotted that I knew I had to have was this:

I mean, come on? A blondie {uhm, I guess still think I’m a blondie, even if I’ve colored it dark for almost two years} riding her cruiser with A BASKET!! Too much.

And just when I thought that was as perfect as it came for me, my niece spotted this for me:

Gah! Not only is “sew” in the title, but can you see what she’s stitching there? JOY! “Sew Joy” If you know me, joy has really been my goal/hope/saving grace in this walk through infertility. Clearly, I had to have it.

Now both are patiently waiting for the right frame so they can keep me company in my sewing room.

You can find her here: Etsy / Facebook / Blog / Twitter

PoLKa DoTs are coming to the shop!!

I’m making progress, I cut the strips and hope to sew them this week … which means maybe by the first of July, I should have polka dot table runners & mug rugs?!? These will be VERY limited. As in SIX for this first batch of table runners. They will be *very close* in style to this this one I made a few years ago {it’s quite possibly my favorite table runner} which inspired me to make them for the shop.

The fabrics will be different, but all polka dots with the same rainbow-ish layout and it will have machine stitched binding. I’ll be sure to give a sneak peek on here/Facebook/Instagram with fair warning about when they will be listed.

I will be getting back a California-King sized quilt from the quilter this week and can not wait to see it, stitch the binding and get it photographed. This has been a year in the making and aside from checking it off my to-do list, I can’t wait to see how the recipient likes it.

So yes, I am spending a little time sewing these days … but I’m spending more time, bike riding, running, reading, hanging out at the park, going on little adventures and dates with my Little and in general soaking up the sun and freedom of summer. I wouldn’t wish for it any other way!

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  1. LOVE that table runner!

  2. I’ve been looking for a table runner like this, amazing how hard it is to find! Can’t wait to see what you list in the shop.

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