Miscellany Monday {Running Style}

Alright! Let’s give this blog a little kick in the pants! It’s been awfully lazy lately hasn’t it?

Well, in an effort to give it a little re-start, I thought I’d share a week of running inspired posts since that seems to be one of the consistent things happening in my life right now.

Next, I’ll work on a week of sewing/craft/diy inspired posts, okay? I don’t want to leave the non-runners out!

Here’s a few Miscellany Monday running tid-bits/updates::

Haus of Girls – Fit Family / Monthly Mile Challenges::
Many of you know I’ve taken part in these monthly challenges since Marta started them just over a year ago. Last year I only made the goal a few times, but this year I’m doing really well. I thought I’d share my monthly miles since I started training for my half-marathon in LATE February.

#50miles in March = 55 miles
#48milesinApril = 64 miles
#52milesinMay = 70 miles
#56milesinJune = 56 miles

Wow! Over 250 miles since I started training for my half. I’m pretty sure I’ve never made it to 500 miles in a year, but I feel like I could get pretty close!  So many firsts happening this year!

This is such a fun group and a great way to stay accountable and motivated. It’s as simple as taking the challenge and posting pictures with that month’s challenge hash tag. Walk, bike, run … they all count!

#milesformugrugs / Weekly Challenge::
Eh hem, well … best intentions. I am still loving this challenge/encouragement idea, but starting it at the beginning of summer may not have been the best idea. For those of you that signed up, I’ve got you on my spreadsheet {oh yeah, I love a good Excel spreadsheet} … for those of you that I challenged and you met it, you WILL get a mug rug {hopefully by no later than the end of August} … for anyone interested, I hope to start it back up this week and be more on top of shipping out the mug rugs once school starts back up again, so feel free to comment and say you want to join in {just make sure I have your e-mail addy or an IG name to contact you}.

Summer Running::
It’s HOT folks. Last week we hit a record high of 110!! On top of that, it wasn’t cooling down below 75 at night which made early, early morning or late, late runs tough. TOUGH, but not impossible. My pace slowed down, but I kept my weekly mileage where I wanted it.


  • Run when the sun is not out if possible. Get started on that morning run just before sunrise OR start out on an evening run about 30 minutes before sunset. 75 with the sun beating on you can feel much harder than 85 with no sun.
  • Hydrate! Not just a little before your run, but at least 12-24 hours before your run make sure you’re getting extra fluids. I like to drink a NUUN right before I go to bed if I’m getting up for an early morning run or drink one an hour before an evening run. I also drink a NUUN after every run these days.
  • If you’re not sweating when you should be or you get a headache while running, you are most likely dehydrated. STOP running! Walk and try to get water in your system as quickly as possible. Heat exhaustion/stoke is not something to push through or take lightly.
  • Wear as little as possible on your body, but something on your head! A good hat keeps the sun off your scalp and out of your eyes while catching some of that sweat. A running tank and shorts {sans undies ladies … use those built in briefs for what they were made for} is perfect. 

Have you heard of it? I discovered this company at the Rock-n-Roll expo. It’s a monthly subscription box {a’la Birchbox, Julep, etc.} with running related products. I’ve rec’d {2} boxes so far and I’m going to give it one more month to make an ongoing decision. The first month had more of a “WOW” effect than this month, but, I get that they were trying to focus on hydration and re-fueling for summer running.

Here’s a look at what I got this month::

Happy Running! See you tomorrow for the first of my half-marathon re-cap posts!

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  1. It would be good a little jogging…:) Thank you for the advice.:)

  2. After reading your post I am inspired. I am not ready for running but I think I can definitely walk 50 miles in July. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  3. I started reading your blog a while back for quilty inspiration. But your running has also inspired me tremendously. I did the C25K to train (I have never run in my life) for a mini triathlon last summer. After I finished I collapsed on the couch, 6 weeks preggers, and didn’t get up again til my babe was born. Now, thanks to your IG posts with your monthly miles, and my new jogging stroller, Molly (5 months old) and I are well on our way to walking/ jogging #50milesinJuly. So thank you for your inspiration, I am sure there are a lot more “non-commentors” like me out there who you don’t know you have inspired and touched by putting yourself out there!

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