Taking a pause …

Are any of you still out there?

Between our summer blogging schedule (or lack there of) Google retiring Reader and general over saturation of the blogging world, I wonder if I’ve still got readers out there.

I know I do, I love each and every one of you for taking time to stop by {and an extra hug and kiss for those that take a few seconds to comment} … I know my life is full … which means your life is full too. I know I have a hard time reading let alone commenting on my favorite blogs … which I trust you have a hard time doing too. So, I’m going to keep on posting when inspiration hits, when I have the time to sit and tap out my thoughts, ideas and encouragement AND not beat myself up when I can’t or fret over the lack of comments when I do … but I do hope you’re still out there and you’re still reading.

I’ve got just two short weeks of summer break left with my Little and I plan to make the most of them … whatever that looks like.

In order to help maximize this time we have together, I have decided to take a “Summer {Social Media} Respite. What? A respite … or “an interval of rest or relief” from social media {Instagram, Facebook & Twitter}.

It was hard typing that out. But I am seriously going to give it my best and try to step away from ‘busying myself” with other people’s lives {which can be an incredible blessing but can also be an unrealized burden} and focus more time on the lives living in my home.

How long? From now until my Little starts school is my goal.

I won’t be taking a break from my blog {although don’t expect too much activity here either} or reading/catching up on a few of my favorite blogs as I’ll have some down time perfect for light reading.

Tell me … could you do it? I think you can … and I’m challenging you try it if even only for a day or two.

Feel free to save this button to post to your social media accounts and let them know you’re taking a Summer Respite.


  1. Been doing a respite for a month now and I love it! Enjoy

  2. You are loved and will be missed! Get your relaxin’ on!

  3. enjoy it girl. :)

  4. yep, still here :) I ‘check-in’ on you several times a week! Enjoy your last two weeks of summer break with your little guy!

  5. Good for you! Enjoy the end of summer! We’re at the beach! Chris goes back to work the 12th and the kids start back on the 19th.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Just found your blog and lovin it. I too am trying to focus on my kids the last couple of weeks before school starts. They grow up so fast. Enjoy!

    Charlotte J

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