Favorite Things Back-to-School Party // MY Favorite Thing

// My Favorite Thing

You would think that with a theme as broad as “back-to-school,” it would be no problem coming up with a favorite thing, right?


I kept thinking of notebooks, pencils, pens, sticky notes … and while there is nothing wrong with those things and in fact, they are some of my favorite things, I was trying to think a little outside the box so we didn’t end up with too many duplicates.

Wanting to add in a little something handmade, I landed on the always useful zippered pouch. I mean, can you ever have enough zippered pouches?!? Change the dimensions to a skinny rectangle and you’ve got yourself a pencil pouch!

{Guess what? I was NOT the only one who made pencil pouches … see, sometimes even when you try to think outside the box, you come up with the same fun favorite thing … and that’s okay … more pencil pouches to share!}

Of course, you don’t have to use it as a pencil pouch. It’s a great size for your purse or desk drawer.

I filled them with a few of my favorite odds and ends that I seem to always find myself needing when I’m working::

Hand cream – Neutrogena’s is my favorite {especially come winter when my hands crack and bleed from being so dry}.
Nail file – There is nothing more annoying to me than a torn nail that keeps catching on things.
Kleenex – Uhm, not sure this needs an explanation, it’s just great to have on hand.
Sharpie Pen – Sharpie markers are great, but these pens? Love. They make writing more fun like a marker, but act like a pen, not bleeding through your paper.

These were super fun to make and a great scrap buster!

// The Little Things

I also had fun putting together a few of our “SWAG” items for the party. Both Pinterst inspired.

Mini notebooks made from library cards. So fitting … how could I NOT make these?!?

Library cards purchased here: THATCH & THISTLE supply co.

And pink erasers wrapped to look like taffy … too cute!

 Inspiration Credit:: onecharmingparty.com via Knitty Bitties Pin on Pinterest 

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  1. Oh, you can arrange a party for me anytime :) It’s going to be fantastic.

  2. I really wanted one of those, you know. So cute!

  3. adorable Andrea! Love this party idea and all of your touches are so fabulous!

  4. The erasers! So fun!

  5. Ditto what Kelly said. Even though I have an adorable one for my crochet hooks, one have never have too many cute zippered pouches!

  6. Sandy says:

    You forgot to mention that most of the gals at the party thought the taffy-looking eraser WAS candy! And I love my pouch with the numbers and scissors fabric. I put my sewing scissors and rotary cutter in it 😀 Thank you!

  7. I love how you used the library cards you purchased from my shop! SO CUTE! :)


  8. Those are some seriously darling goodies!!! Too cute!!


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