Goodbye July {Insta-ReCap} / Hello August

As my Little heads back to school this week {whaaaaaaa … I know!!} …
I wanted to take a look back at our very full, very fun, nothing but summer-loving July!

We soaked up the sun pool side as much as we could. With 100+ summer heat, there is no sweeter spot than refreshing water! To round out time at the pool, I also recommend … Dinner with friends + Iced tea breaks + Handmade pizza nights!
We also did a lot of celebrating this month! We celebrated this great country we live in, new life and new additions to our family.
In between all of our summer adventures, I managed to sneak in a bit of creating.
I also ran, ran, ran … until I didn’t, didn’t, didn’t … a little half way through the month and I had a injury I couldn’t just push through. I made it to 28 / #50milesinjuly. This was the first time since March that I hadn’t met the monthly challenge … it’s been hard not running, but having nursed myself for over 2 weeks, I think I’m ready to jump back into things this week.
* I also got a sample of Vanilla Shakeology from my friend Kim. I’ve been curious about all the buzz … I plan to try it this week and I’ll let you know my thoughts {and recipe}! I realize it probably takes more than one time to see the real benefits, but I’m happy to share my thoughts on taste and sustenance as a meal replacement.*
My little friend and I met our goal of 50 bike miles for ice cream. As you can see, our bike rides tend to take us to shaved ice and Starbucks … and we tend to eat ice cream {or frozen yogurt} all summer long BUT … reaching our goal means a trip to the “special” ice cream shop!
We took a quick {just over 24 hour} adventure to the mountains to get a little relief from the heat and put the kayak in a mountain lake/river. It was BEAUTIFUL. A perfect way to spend a Sunday surrounded by His amazing creation. Super fun summer adventures and memory making.
And if all of that wasn’t enough … we took off a few days later for an impromptu trip to the Oregon Coast. My Sweets was itching to put the kayak in the OCEAN {eep!} and he did just that! It was our greatest summer adventure and left us feeling happy and whole like we’d conquered *almost* all we set out to on this summer break.

I also took a little respite from social media … and it was completely refreshing {more on that in a separate post}. Tomorrow I’ll be back and look forward to saying hello and catching up!
Now we say HELLO to August.
Hello 4th grade!
Hello routines!
Hello to holding onto these warm summer days even if my Little is at school during the day.
We will make the most of our nights and weekend and perhaps play hookey a few times to soak it up a little bit more!

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  1. Happy summer and happy back to school!!
    (It kills me it’s that time of year already, again!)

  2. You are doing summer RIGHT! Good job living in the moment and taking advantage of the opportunities for fun with your sweet fam =)

  3. i feel like you packed in an impossible amount of fun in just one summer!

    what a great time you guys had! :)
    i hope the school year still has a lot of fun left for it. :) i bet it will!

  4. Lovely photos.:) I wish your children beautiful day at school.:)

  5. July passed by far too fast. School is here before we know it…

  6. Sandy C says:

    Yay!! What fun, but boo that he must go back to school :( Enjoy getting back into the swing of things and here’s to a happy 1st week back to school for little E!

  7. Of course the one thing I’m going to pick up on is the Shakeology. Not only does it take awhile to see the benefits, it takes awhile to get used to the taste and to feel like it’s a legit meal replacement. I was so glad I had ordered the 30-day bag because it forced me to get used to it. I missed the actual eating part at first & I didn’t love the chocolate I ordered. But now I love the taste (Strawberry is my fave!) and my body loves the nutrients!

  8. What a lovely recap of the month – but I’m thinking you guys are way too busy. Good busy – but WOW! Thanks for sharing all the great pics.

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