After a few weeks away from Instagram, it has actually been a little harder than I thought to just ‘jump back into’ my old routine. I suppose that’s a good thing as Instagram was my biggest social media time “addiction.”

So, I’m treading water and trying to figure out the best way that it fits into my day without consuming any part of my day … not so easy, is it? Advice?

Here’s what I’ve been up to since I cam back …
First day of 4th Grade // First day back on Instagram
Such sweet comments that cheered my lonely heart. It’s always hard for the two of us to transition from being with each other all day, to being apart for a big chunk of the day. It makes our hours together more treasured.
I made a special trip {I really try not to go out of my way for Starbucks if you can believe that} for my favorite drink and decided this day called for a Trenta. I had THE Blueberry Crisp at home waiting for me, just barely warm and SO delicious with a scoop of greek yogurt.
I tried to go for a run … my first in almost 3 weeks. My right leg/hip felt sore from the start but I pushed through a slow 2.5 miles. The next day I could hardly put weight on my leg. Boo! Such a discouraging spot to be … mentally wanting to run and physically not able. Trying to embrace the rest and look for other ways to move my body while deciding when it’s time to go see the doctor. I am not giving up on running by any means, just a hiccup in the journey.
Apparently my Wednesdays are now for snuggling this little guy. 2 weeks new and then 3 weeks new. Seriously, I could get use to this weekly date … my new WIWW accessory. #blakeisthenewblack
So my Sweets has a rotating schedule that gives him week days off and so we’ve started having day dates. Best day date so far? An almost 4 mile kayak trip followed by a delicious pizza lunch al’ fresco. Seriously, so fun adventuring and making memories with this guy more than 20 years after our first date. In fact, I think it just gets more fun!
A few sneaks. A hint at coming soon new-to-me subject matter {bless the invention of the library} and soon to be new-to-some crafty ladies #whatevercraftweekend swag. I am loving the addition of the lace on the mug rugs … look for that in the shop soon!
I broke my self-imposed rule {no PJ/yoga pants in public} on Monday. Some times if just feels right to break the rules. Except when you do it again on Thursday and worry that a habit may be developing.
Knowing my Little had to go to school when the rest of our friends were going to the last weekly pool date of the summer made my mama heart sad … so I decided to do something I never have and sneak him out of school for a little old fashioned hooky!
This little girl was awfully happy to see her favorite nine year old!
I mean seriously, how can this not make you smile?!?
What a gift she is to our family. I sure love being her Auntie.
How was your week? Are you transitioning from summer to school this weekend … or do you have another few weeks to soak it up?
life rearranged


  1. We missed you so I’m glad you’re back on IG and things! We still have til the 4th of September so we’re squeezing it in as best we can! 😉

  2. Sandy C says:

    Fun! Hope you’re adjusting to the “new normal” of the school year. The internet can be all-consuming, no? I need to put some limits on myself because it will steal my entire day!
    I hope there are more kayak dates in your future before it gets too cold 😀 Happy Monday!

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