I can not believe that we are almost 3 weeks into the school year and that August is quickly coming to a close. This week went entirely too fast.
life rearranged

Good thing I snapped some photos to remember by because it shaped up to be a very good one!

2nd Annual Favorite Things Party
Back-to-School Style

I can not wait to blog about this next week … in fact, I have 3 posts dedicated to this party … it was that fun!

One of my favorite things is co-hosting with these girls. We’ve dubbed ourselves #thevipfour ever since our Farm Chicks road trip in June. As you can see we know how to have a good time together!
Sunday was a much needed day of rest. 
I love a good party, but my batteries were running on empty. 
All charged up and ready for a day date with my Sweets on the lake in our kayak.
Don’t let that face fool ya, we had a great time.
Bass jumping, paddling through schools of Carp {not crap, Carp … either way a little gross}, watching Egrets and Cranes.
A run to ‘test’ out my leg pain. The company was great, the sunset was beautiful … my leg was okay until about an hour later when I could barely put weight on it. I think it’s officially time to see a doctor {can you tell I’m dragging my feet?!? No pun intended.}.

 A perfect ending to this lovely week?
Coming home from school pick-up to find my #mugswap2013 box on the porch. 
My partner has quite the sense of humor and ‘decorated’ the box with her wit. Some of you might know her as the girl behind Insta-Friday … the one and only Life-Rearranged herself, Jeannett!
Inside, a lovely bit of California sunshine in a mug and the cutest nesting measuring spoons.
Spoiled. Blessed.
Social media at it’s best.
 The rest of my Insta-gram feed was full of adventures from our quick Oregon getaway during my social media respite. I’m trying to get them all on Instagram so I can document our summer adventures. Once they’re all on there, I’ll share a post just about our wonderful time.
The rest of my week was filled with lots of sewing {I checked 4 projects off my list} that I can’t share quite yet, but will very soon.
With that, I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Your favorite things back to school party sounds like tons of fun! Glad you had a week, except for your leg. Hope it feels better soon.

  2. I love your back to school party!!! I can’t wait to see the posts. I haven’t heard of this mugswap2013 but it looks brilliant! xoxo

  3. I’m intrigued to see the posts about the Back-to-School party…looks like fun! Stopping by from InstaFriday. :)

  4. love your decorated mantle. too cute. and can’t wait to see the rest of the back to school party posts! have a great weekend!

    laura @

  5. I love your back to school bunting! And the poses of you girls in front of it… I’m having Saturday night live visions. Looks like a lot of fun.

  6. I’m a teacher and all of those back to school favorites are AMAZING! I’m excited to hear about the party :) Love the Farm Chicks Show and the silly picture!!!

  7. LOVE the bunting! I can’t wait to see who my Mug is from :) I sent out my happy package this week. So fun!

  8. I adore the California mug! Such a happy sight!

  9. I love those sweet measuring spoons and the California mug. I have the Portland version and I love it! Yay for mug swaps AND InstaFriday :)

    • Aren’t they sweet? They make me happy each time I see them :).
      I have the Portland one too!! That was the first in what is now my collection of two ;). I got it the weekend I ran my first half-marathon.

  10. so much i love here.
    mostly the fun pic of the vip 4.
    i want to move to town and make it a vip 5.

    also. thanks for being a part of the swap. i’m so glad you didn’t miss it.
    annnnd thank you for sending out the mug rugs! You are the bomb dot com, chica!

    • Well we would be happy to add you as the honorary #5 and become the vip5. Done. When do you arrive?
      It was my pleasure to help sponsor this fabulous event … now to send the mug rugs (eep!! Just moved to the top of my to-do list) :D.

  11. i am so in love with the new starbucks “you are here” mugs!!

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