A Quilt // For Jamie

I recently completed a quilt … a very, very, very large quilt in exchange for some very lovely personal & family photos.

Don’t you love finding another artist who you can trade/share talent?

Jamie is incredibly talented and it was my pleasure to create a California King Sized {I told you} Quilt for her &ย  her husband’s master bedroom. Thankfully, she opted for a very minimalist design that really showed off the fabric patterns and created modern blocks of color. This was the inspiration quilt by Bijou Lovely. Due to the large/custom nature of the quilt, I opted to calculate my own quilt pattern based on the inspiration. If you like this design, you can purchase the inspiration quilt pattern here.


After the quilt was finished, I asked Jamie if she could take a few photos of the quilt for me to share on my blog. I knew she’d be able to capture it much better than me … but when she told me she didn’t really have great lighting in her bedroom {nor the space to get a full shot of the quilt} I started to think about the outdoor photographs Ashley {Film in the Fridge} takes of her quilts. Thankfully, Jamie loved the ideas I showed her and was totally game to add ‘nature quilt’ shots to her portfolio!



What a beautiful morning capturing a whole new look of this quilt set along the river!


As for the actual quilting, the piecing actually came together pretty quickly due to the large cuts of fabric. The hardest part was managing that much fabric and keeping my seams and blocks straight. I knew that quilting this beast of a quilt on my machine, while maybe not impossible, would have taken years off of my life and caused me to repent much for the words coming out of my mouth. So I opted to send the quilt off to Melissa at Sew Shabby Quilting. This was my first experience sending a quilt off to be quilted by someone else and I was a bit hesitant to give up control. However once I received the quilt back, I was THRILLED with the end result. Melissa did such a wonderful job and was CRAZY quick and very reasonably priced {even including the Priority shipping}. You can visit her site or Facebook page for more details, quilting designs and discounts {hint, hint}.

Here’s a close up of the pattern we chose, Bubble Meander::



Let me leave you with the “behind the scenes” look at a quilt photo shoot:

Jamie-Quilt-Behind-the-Scenes-2 Jamie-Quilt-Behind-the-Scenes-1

Not quite as beautiful! Good thing these were our only spectators:



Photo credit: Jamie Hudson
See more of Jamie’s work here, Jamie Hudson Photography or visit her Facebook page.

Quilting by: Sew Shabby Quilting


  1. love! so pretty!

    Also…LOVE the little pin cushions for Pinterest!! You clever girl you!

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    Gorgeous quilt! The one over the water makes me super nervous! Also love the “behind the scenes” shot ๐Ÿ˜‰


  1. Insta-Friday says:

    […] I just can’t get over how good a quilt looks amongst nature. It’s just beautiful. I shared more photos and quilt details in yesterday’s post. […]

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