Let’s kick off these new digs with a little catch up … Instagram style!

Wait! You did notice the new digs right? The subtle changes … the new DOT COM?!? Ahhh, yes, it’s all coming together. There’s still a little fluffing and sprucing to-do, so I’ll save the official welcome for next week.

life rearranged

For now, let’s see what I’ve been up to on Instagram the few weeks::

Starting at the end of August and carrying us all the way through September … we celebrate many people on my Sweets’ side of the family. We call it our pre-Christmas preparation.


We started with my great-niece {Little Miss}, the one who calls me Auntie.
We kinda like each other!


She went and turned TWO on us!!
It was so fun celebrating her with a confetti & sprinkles themed party … which I think is perfect because she’s pretty much the confetti to our days!


Although I sent my #mugswap2013 package on the very last day promised … I did get it sent!
Such a fun swap to be a part of … thank you Cuppa Kim for being such a lovely hostess.

I was thrilled with my mug and I hope my partner loved hers too.
I included my favorite hot tea {since I’m not a coffee drinker}, my favorite chocolate bar and a mug rug that matched the adorable {if I can say that} mug from Dayspring.


Bunko! One of {if not THE} favorite night of the month.
I just love these girls so {10 years and counting}.


My Sweets built me this bookcase {a’la World Market} months ago.

The deal was he builds it, I paint it. Which is why it sat for months. I do not like painting.However it is now done, many layers of chalk paint later, sanded and waxed.
I can’t wait to share it in all it’s prettiness … very soon.


My Bestie was in town this week!
Which meant Starbucks runs, lunch dates, park dates and long talks on the couch under a quilt.

One of the days I also had Little Miss which made for a fun morning taking the kiddos to the park to see how many toddlers we could fit into the tube.


We even snuck out for a girl’s night with some of our oldest {as in our years of friendship} friends.
This group has been friends for over 25 years!! Isn’t that amazing?
Seriously, such a blessing God gave us when He planted our families within a 1/4 mile of each other all those years ago. I can honestly say I don’t think I would be where I am today without them.


And these two.My Seester and my sister-in-love.
I’ve also known both of them for 20+ years and count it a blessing that they are not just family to me, they are two of my very best friends.

What a night celebrating our life connection!


Saturday morning I got up bright and early, picked up my niece {and Starbucks} for a photo shoot along the river … of a quilt.
This is just a glimpse of how ridiculous we looked “behind the scenes.” I can’t wait to show you the end result, I know the photos are going to be awesome.


We took advantage of the extra day of our ‘weekend’ and the Little started guitar lessons.
First song? The Star Wars Theme.
Pretty great way to start our week.


I guess the short week threw me off because I have all of two Instagram photos to represent it.

I was too busy playing a little catch up, volunteering, walking/lunch dates & a whole lotta reading!

I had to snap a photo of these two lovely prints I received this week from Lindsay Letters.
Seriously happy mail. I lucked out when I stumbled upon the CRAZY AWESOME deal for 2 prints for $10 which helped support  adoption.

Win-win-win!{I mean do you see the embossed foil finish … soooooo pretty.}

P.S. That also happens to be my favorite hymn.


  1. Looks like a great few weeks. I love the behind the scene quilt photo! I can totally relate to getting in crazy positions for a “perfect” photo. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Checking in from LR…

    Those prints are gorgeous, so pretty :)

    I have a friend doing mug swap… your package looks awesome. I love my Dayspring mug.

    That bookshelf is so pretty, great color choice!

  3. looks like you’ve been having tons of fun friend!! happy weekend and much love ♥

  4. Umm LOVE the new blog! I love the font too! :)

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