Hurray it’s Friday!!

I don’t know why I’m so thrilled for this week to be over … it wasn’t a bad week, but it wasn’t a particularly great week either. Just kinda blah. I did however get a lot of work done {on the “new” blog, Sewing Summit prep, a little bit of shop sewing and some sample sewing} so I’m going to call it a win and I’m hoping today + this weekend will turn it into a great week!

{Warning: Prepare yourself for a riveting post.}

life rearranged

Here’s what the week look liked via my Instagram feed::

I shared this photo {which was taken in July during our Oregon getaway} reflecting on just how I thankful I was that I said “yes” to a date with this guy 21 years ago!! 21! Crazy!

These two make my heart so happy.

These two also make my heart happy.I am SO excited for my Mom who just retired. She is ready to enjoy this new season of life after working so hard!


So, if you’ve been around here much or read my bio, you know I love, love, love-ity, love my iced tea. I do not love coffee. I don’t know why, but that kinda bugs me. Coffee lovers are some of the best people, so I want to love coffee too. I tried a cold {24 hour} brew in our french press and added a lot of almond milk and a moderate amount of maple syrup hoping I’d just get a hint of coffee flavor and love it. Uhm, no, I think I managed to drink about 6 of those 16 oz over the course of two hours. I’m a coffee loving failure.

{Guess who hated even the smell of coffee while she was pregnant? Yep, my Mom. This ailment goes way back.}

We kinda had a rough start to the week in regards to school + homework + attitude. Mine and his. There was a lot of talk of doing your best in all things all the time. I realized {after much prayer and thinking} that maybe what he really needed was a pep talk and reminder of all he is capable of … so don’t settle for anything less.

Cute lunchbox love notes from Say Please.


I eat a lot of fruit + yogurt. For lunch, for snacks and for dessert. When I have this many fruits on hand, they are just begging to be called dinner. However I have two boys who would not call this dinner so I added greek yogurt and waffles to the mix {figuratively, not literally … that would be gross}. The Little thought it was great, my Sweets made a breakfast burrito.

I just can’t get over how good a quilt looks amongst nature. It’s just beautiful.
I shared more photos and quilt details in yesterday’s post.

And that’s all I’ve got folks. See what I mean? Kinda boring and blah. That’s okay … sometimes that’s just what we need before a very busy week!

Happy Friday!


  1. Fun pics, and that mug rug is beautiful :)

  2. Sandy says:

    I so do not enjoy coffee either, unless it is in the form of milkshake or ice cream and so does Jenn F. So, we can just have our own non-coffee-loving-but-still-love-coffee-drinkers posse :)

    Yay for your mom and hoping a little encouragement helps with your Little.

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