A good portion of my Instagram feed has recently been filled with my Sewing Summit adventures or my Mug Rug Insta-sales {see my Mug Rugs {for Days} post for more details & a GIVEAWAY} … but in between all of that, there was some other life happening.

Like …

A delicious salad & two patient friends who waited on my as I SLOWLY ate my dinner due to my distraction with my mug rug Insta-sale. Note to self:: Do not plan an Insta-sale in the middle of a girls night. Good thing I’m related to both of them. I think they’ve forgiven me … I’m sure they would forget all about it if they got a new mug rug.

A little treat for me {Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup} before I gave Daisy girl a bath. I do not enjoy bathing her one bit … this helped a little.

Daisy girl shares my sentiment. This treat helped a little.

A special on caramel apples seemed like the perfect reason to celebrate a Wednesday. One for me, one for the Little. A fun little surprise before I headed off for 3 days. I don’t think I’ve had a caramel apple in years and years. I’m regretting finding out how delicious these are. It’s 90% apple … so that’s still pretty healthy, right?

My Sweets made me this bookcase months ago and I just recently finished it with milk paint & a wax finish. I’m working on this little area in our room that is going to house my jewelry. It’s not finished, but it’s coming along and I really like it.

Speaking of my Sweets, he had a birthday this week. This was his big gift. An espresso maker & grinder. He assures me it will pay for itself {although Starbucks’ stock may go down} very soon. I just think it’s cute how much fun he’s having researching and practicing ‘pulling’ the perfect shot. Too bad it’s mostly wasted on me … I’m still trying to love {okay, just like at this point} coffee/espresso.

In running news …The lack of photos is because I’m still nursing/trying to figure out a hip problem. I gave it a try this week and had to stop at 1.5 miles. Still hurting. I’m having major withdrawals. An MRI might be next.

Oh my. This one. She just lights up my heart.
We decided hot cocoa {a’la my personal barista} & a warm bath would be the perfect start to a cold & rainy Thursday.

Really, can life be much better than that?

Happy Friday!


  1. Jessica says:

    YES I have forgiven you and YES a mug rug makes everything better! :)

  2. Sandy says:

    CUTE!! Love the picture of little E. So sorry to hear about your hip still hurting :( Caramel apples… yum. I don’t need to remember how much I love them!

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