A Weekend Getaway

Two weeks ago, in the midst of sewing samples for Quilt Market, I snuck away to the mountains with my family for a little time away from distractions and time with each other.


I’ve been extremely blessed to have lived with or near my parents and Seester my whole life. The furthest we’ve had to commute is 45 minutes {which was quite the adjustment when I was used to 5 minutes!}. Well, this past September my Mom went and got herself retired. My Dad had already been retired for several years, so he wasted no time planning their first big adventure … becoming Arizona snowbirds and leaving moments after her retirement was final. While I am SO very excited for them and this next season of their life, I’m also {if I’m being  truthful} a bit sad and unsure of how this new season is going to feel. I suspect we’re all feeling that way, my parents, my sister, my Little, me … excited, but also a little unsure.

So, we decided since we’d be missing the holidays together, a long weekend together before they sail off {so to speak} would be good medicine. It was so very nice. Beautiful weather, lovely company set in the mountains during one of the prettiest times of year.





I’ll be saying extra prayers, making more phone calls and re-kindling good ol’ snail mail/care packages until we are back together in five {long} months.


  1. Renee says:

    Awwww,,, it will all be good – you’ll see!

  2. awww.
    my parents are gone for two weeks and i’m missing them terribly. i don’t know how you’ll do it, but i know you will! :)

    also these are beautiful pictures, and you guys had quite a lovely adventure!

  3. Love this little recap- particularly your amazing glasses 😉 We’ll just get to hang out more often and talk about mom and dad behind their backs- I kid, I kid. But I’m sure we’ll figure out a way to make it work.

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