I’m back! {Sewing Summit Re-Cap}

So fresh off the heels of Sewing Summit, I blogged about “What I Wore” and talked a little about being YOU.

This is the second ‘social media/creativity’ related conference that I’ve attended. The first one was the SNAP! conference in 2012. I never blogged about that experience because I had a hard time putting my finger on just what to say about the experience. It was a very well put on event, but I think I left feeling a bit unsure of myself. There was an air of competition and comparison that I wasn’t prepared for … but in the end I was so happy I pushed myself to go. You always learn from a new experience and that is worth a lot. I also got to meet some wonderful online friends in real life and walk away with some deeper connections.

So that was Snap! … but I want to talk about Sewing Summit.


I stretched myself out of my little comfort zone and applied to be a teacher after I received a little friendly nudging. I was thrilled {and terrified} that I was accepted. I’d like to say I started planning and prepping right away, but instead I put it out of my mind so I wouldn’t freak out or chicken out. Instead I waited until about a month before to book my plane ticket and a couple of weeks before to prep for my class. I started thinking of it as a wonderful bit of ‘me time’ to refresh and re-energize. I was going to have a hotel room to myself for 3 glorious days and I had visions of sipping tea and reading my book cuddled up in a King bed. This is how I kept from freaking out that I  was going to travel by myself, stay in a hotel room by myself and teach a class … all by myself.


Well, the whole “me time” didn’t really work out quite like I pictured. Instead I fell into bed at midnight, 2AM and 2:30AM. There was no reading. There was some tea sipping. I did however, come home refreshed and re-energized, jut in a whole different way than I’d expected.



I loved taking classes and being with a community of people who were as passionate and as excited about fabric & sewing as I was. It refreshed me and filled me up to be around people who just ‘get it’ without a bunch of explanation.


Sewers are some of the nicest people.

Because this conference wasn’t socially driven, there didn’t seem to be the same air of competition I’d experienced before. Some attendees had blogs, some didn’t, some were young, some were a little less young, some had some kids, some didn’t … but they all loved some part of the creative aspect of sewing.


Classes I took::

Metal Frame Pouch w/ Elena Roscoe {Hot Pink Sitches}
Sewing with Leather & Leather Accent Tote w/ Lindsey Rhodes {LR Stitched}
Personal Branding w/ Olivia Omega {Laugh, Liv, Love}
HTML Basics for Bloggers & Equilateral Triangles w/ Jeni Baker {In Color Order}


And I think I’ve blabbed enough about the class I taught, Mug Rugs … which was SO fun and I wasn’t nervous at all. Whoop!


The event ended with an amazing keynote by the lovely and gracious Heather Bailey. She shared a bit of her creative story {what a story it is} along with encouraging us to cultivate and go after our own creative story. Everyone is creative. “Excitement is delicious.” It’s SO true. You leave an event feeling full and excited and ready to burst with ideas … but I appreciated Heather’s advice to just wait for a bit. Let those ideas simmer around and have some quiet time in your head and heart for the great stuff to come forth.


I am so happy I went. {Bruges Waffles & Frites / Pinkberry didn’t hurt either!}

If you’ve thought about going to Sewing Summit or another ‘social media/creative’ conference … do it! Push yourself. Good or Fabulous, you’re going to walk away with an experience that you’ll grow from. Thank you to Erin and her amazing team that put together a very fun and inspiring event!


  1. I am dying to go to a creative event like this! They look so fun and it seems as if everyone is so welcoming! I would love to take all the classes!

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