Just like that … my week is more than half over.

My plans to blog … out the door along with the sewing samples I worked so hard on the last 6 days. I’m headed on a short little R&R to soak up some sweet time with family before my parents try their first winter ‘snowbirding’ in Arizona. I am going to mostly ‘unplug’ and just enjoy time together with fewer distractions.

I’ve got new twinkle lights in my kitchen. My Trenta cup was full of iced black tea today. I had Cafe Rio for dinner. My sewing room is clean and waiting for me to return and create a quilt.

Life is full. Life is good. Blogging will just have to wait a little bit longer.


  1. Real life always comes before blogging! Hope you have a fab time away – sometimes it’s so nice to get away from all the technology and just enjoy peace. We had a lovely weekend away camping in a field for my birthday, it was so luxurious being away from the rush of every day life!

    Twinkle lights make everything better, I love them!

  2. Oh my goodness! Where in AZ?! I’m in Scottsdale.

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