Well it’s only been like 6 weeks since my last {Insta-Friday} post … so this shouldn’t take long {hahaha}.

If I were you, I’d get comfy … grab a cup of your favorite, snuggle up under a quilt and play catch up on life with me for a few minutes. Not a bad way to start your Friday, am I right?

life rearranged

My life is currently one list after another … I have small lists, big lists, lists for the week, for the day, for the next hour … it’s getting a little ridic-ulous.However, this will explain why I’m about to categorize this post … the closest thing I’ve got to making a list post.



A new rotary cutter … because it’s aqua and was 40% off. Duh.


I often buy ‘sewing/craft’ book only to be disappointed that only a couple of the projects appeal to me.
This book, Pillow Pop, is anything but disappointing. I want to make.them.all!


The lovely folks at AccuQuilt played Santa and sent me my Christmas present early.
I am dying that I can not jump in and play with these … patience Grasshopper … only a few more weeks of holiday sewing.
Stay tuned …

2013-09-28_1380404881 2013-10-23_1382558591 2013-10-27_1382907673 2013-11-02_1383407950

Mug Rugs for days.If you follow me on Instagram {@knittybitties} I’ve created a pop-up Instagram shop {@knittybittiesshop} in an attempt to not completely annoy those followers that could care less about mug rugs. I’ll continue to host {Insta-Sale}s throughout November and possibly into the beginning of December … soooooo … if you are interested, make sure to follow my shop account too.

2013-10-14_1381774952 2013-10-15_1381868750 2013-10-18_1382110403 2013-10-28_1382971961

The makings of a quilt for one of Robert Kaufman’s #quiltmarket booths.
See full blog post here.

2013-10-24_1382640109 2013-10-31_1383229889 2013-11-05_1383676764 2013-11-06_1383764304

More sewing fun blogged …
Kimono Skirt {by Carina Gardner}  //  Sewing Tales to Stitch and Love Book {by Kerry Goulder} Blog Hop


Stitching, stitching, stitching for an upcoming boutique & holiday additions for the shop.



Sometimes I have to take my breakfast on-the-go.
How nice that the fine people at Subaru thought of a little breakfast tray for busy mama’s!


Homemade Applesauce.It’s a good thing it’s SO good, because it’s worth its weight in gold. So many apples for such little sauce.

2013-10-30_1383171758This … Roasted Tomato Basil Soup … the smell alone was worth the effort.
Really, it wasn’t that hard and so, so, so very good. Of course, tomato soup is best served with a grilled cheese, right?
We classed it up with Tillamook’s Extra Sharp Vintage White Cheddar … ya, know … the black label? Mmmmm.



Celebrating my Sister-In-Love’s birthday with a tea/brunch. We all married into this crazy family and we’re so blessed by each other.


This girl really loves her Uncle. It makes my heart melt .


Sneaking in one last pedicure for Fall/Winter with our mama.


One last game of chess with Grandpa.
My parents just set sail on their first adventure as Arizona/California “snowbirds.”
We’re going to miss them like crazy, but are praying for nothing but wonderful memories and adventures under sunny skies for them!



I just thought my niece’s “spooky” mantle was the best … and since she’s not on Instagram I thought I’d share it for her.
You should see her fall mantle … she’s got a gift!

The only boy I know who would want to dress up as Paul Reveere. He’s the best.
I mean seriously, it’s just too much.

Selfies {Sort-Of}::

2013-09-30_1380504603 2013-10-09_1381342298 2013-09-30_1380567349 2013-11-05_1383689243

Me + sweatshirt + jeans + slippers + iced tea = welcome to my every day world.
This week it also called for naps on the couch under the quilt thanks to an annoying head cold.

2013-10-21_1382397625 2013-10-24_1382655988

And running. My nemesis right now.It happened twice. Two very short runs that left me relatively pain free, but not entirely pain free.
Totally dragging my feet {pun intended} about an MRI/Orthopedic Surgeon … maybe I can just take the winter off and focus on strength training?!?
But every.time. I see a runner in real life, on IG, Facebook … my legs twitch and I

** #30daysofthanks / #dailymannaunfolds **
I’m trying to do a photo a day in November being more mindful of all I have to be thankful for {cliche, yes} … I’ll be using the hashtags above to document.

There you have it. See what I’ve been up to … no time to blog when you lead a life as glamorous as mine!Happy Friday!!


  1. Wow lots going on in your life but how fun. Love all the photos and your projects. Thanks for everything.

  2. You’ve been a busy bee! You are so fab, I’m glad to call you family! :)

  3. Sandy says:

    Oh, the cuteness that is you! Thanks for the update and hope you’re feeling better. I love the mantel and want to invite myself over to her house to see the fall version! And Paul Revere… there are no words for the cuteness. Happy Weekend!

  4. hey girl! you’ve been busy! saw your link over at Jeannett’s and popped over to say haaaay! much love ♥ happy new week!

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