Let’s Make a Deal

If you know me in real life {and maybe you’ve even picked up on it here} I love a good deal. Yeah, yeah, yeah … if the goat was on sale I *might* buy it!

But really, who doesn’t love to save a bit on things you are ALREADY doing or places you are ALREADY shopping. So, given that one of the most expensive seasons is upon us, I thought I’d share {again} some of my favorite ways to save.


Amazon Mom / Amazon Prime::
I love both of these ‘plans’ from Amazon. Currently we subscribe to Amazon Prime and daily use their Prime Instant Video and love the convenience of super quick shipping for our online shopping. I initially had signed up for the three month trial period through Amazon Mom {In addition to getting upgraded to Amazon Prime, Amazon Mom members can save $25 on eligible diapers in addition to 20% off diapers, wipes, and other family essentials.} but found that I really only took advantage of the Prime shipping. We’re currently out of the baby/toddler days, so I wasn’t able to take advantage of the savings on those items … but man, how nice would that have been 9 years ago?!? If you’ve never signed up, now would be awesome timing for all your holiday shopping! Click here to sign up and/or read more about Amazon Mom.


This is one I’ve blogged about several times and yet I’m still surprised how few people use it. I spend a fair amount of time online each day with my blog, online shop and the myriad of other distractions {eh, hem, Pinterest} but I’d say most days it’s less than 2 hours total. In that time, I *almost* always earn a handful of Swagbucks for simply searching {using their toolbar} for the sites I need. I have never had an issue with spyware or spam or any other negative effect of using Swagbucks vs. Google {or other preferred search engine}. Between my husband and I we have easily earned several hundred dollars in Amazon Gift Cards which have been a huge help with birthday/Christmas shopping. Again, getting something for something you ALREADY do. What are you waiting for?!? Sign up!


Ebates is kind of like a mall shopping directory. You go their BEFORE you start shopping online to see if they have a relationship with the store you want to shop. If they do, they will list any current coupons/promotions the store is running {nice!!} and tell you what % you will get back from your purchase via Ebates. Again, if you are ALREADY going to shop online, why not get a little more back. A few $$ here and there, but that adds up … it might be enough to pay for a coffee or it might be enough to buy new shoes. Anytime extra $$ shows up in my account, I’m happy as a clam. They make payments easy too, mine is set up to deposit into my PayPal account. The stores I shop most via Ebates are: Old Navy, GAP, Cooking.com, Land’s End, Target & Amazon {Target & Amazon are a bit more ‘particular’ about what qualifies and what doesn’t, typically it’s an entire store.} You can also get 3% back on all your GROUPON purchases if you first go to Ebates. Are you convinced yet?


Target Red Card & Target Cartwheel::
I’ve had my Target Red Card for over a year … I do most of our non-grocery/toiletries shopping at Target so it just made sense to sign up for the Red Card and save 5% automatically on all purchases and receive FREE online shipping. They have the option of a credit card or a debit card {love this!} tied directly to your bank account. On top of that, Target offers three other ways to save: online coupons, text coupons & the new Cartwheel program. You can sign up for Cartwheel on your computer and print a physical barcode ‘loaded’ with your offers {if you don’t have a smart phone} or you can download the app. Either way, you can stack your Cartwheel coupons with your Target coupons AND current promotions. It can add up to some pretty sweet savings … it can also cause you buy that goat if it’s on sale with a coupon … just be warned. Stay strong!!

So there you have it … a boring post to some, but maybe you learned some new way to save and if you did, well that makes me happy!
Make sure to comment and let me know if I’m missing out on any other good discount sites too, deal?!?

P.S. This post DOES use affiliate links that do benefit me if you click through and sign up. However, I am not being paid to write this post, all opinions are my own and I would never blog about or endorse something I didn’t use myself.


  1. rigbyroad@gmail.com says:

    I love the Red Card and Cartwheel, I saved ovr $50 today on snowboots for my girls (40% off today only!) and $1 spot items for stocking stuffers (20% off, it’s the $0.80 spot right now!).

    We were actually planning on signing up for the trail of Amazon Prime today. So, is the trail 3 months with Amazon Mom? I am a little confused šŸ˜‰

    • KnittyBitties says:

      Cassie, it works similarly … with Amazon Mom, you get a few more perks on diapers/wipes/etc. with the benefits of Amazon Prime. I originally signed up with Amazon Mom but mostly take advantage of the Prime benefits :D.

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