Christmas Gift Idea {for Little Hearts}

Well HELLO there!

What have you been up to? As I wrapped up orders last week from Instagram & Etsy I jumped right into embracing the Merry & Bright in these last days before Christmas. I’ve been crafting {for FUN!}, starting to bake {Rolo “Turtles” & Sugar Cookies}, sewing for gifts {HURRAH!} and in general taking a little less hurried pace {or at least that is what I keep telling myself}.

This is such a sweet time that can turn into such a stressful time and more than any other time of year, it’s tricky to balance it all. I feel like I’ve let a lot more go this year … from over committing to over decorating … just letting it go. We’re working on building anticipation and preparing our hearts each night as we read through the Jesse Tree Advent Devotional. The Christmas spirit was SLOW to arrive for me, but I finally feel like it’s here.

Of course, that means that the blog is suffering more than usual. I know you’ll bear with me … and you can always get your fill via Instagram & Facebook if you’re really desperate.

Before I wrapped up all the presents, I took a moment to photograph what I got  for a handful of littles whom I buy for each year … this year, their gift evolved into a “Collection for Little Hearts.”


It started with a FREE printable I found earlier this year, ABC Verse Memory cards {FREE printable}. I printed and laminated them for my great-niece’s 2nd birthday and had an ah-ha moment to include them in my Christmas gifts too … but not just include them, but use them as the inspiration for the rest of the gifts.


I added a couple of sets of Lunchbox Love, including the Strength & Hope set with words to inspire hope.


One of my favorite kids ‘bible’ books, My Big Book of Bible Stories {think if Dr. Seuss wrote the Bible stories} . My other option was The Jesus Storybook Bible, but most of the families already own it.

Last I thought of Seeds Family Worship CDs which put scripture to music in the most fun way! I love listening to these {probably more than my Little} and have memorized several new verses thanks to these catchy tunes. The other great thing is that each CD you purchase comes with an extra for you to give away. 2 for the price of 1 to help spread the love!


I know there aren’t any bells {oh wait, the picture has bells … however, bells not included} or whistles, but I sure hope that they enjoy these gifts as much as we have and it helps their little hearts SHINE for HIM!!


  1. kellym76 says:

    I love this idea! We have those ABC cards. We use them for school. Never thought about giving them as a gift!

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