Goals: January

Hello 2014!
Hello you!!

Thank you SO much for being patient with me as I took a little break from the blog to focus on all things to #prepareHimroom and celebrate this blessed time of year with family & friends. I felt like it took a little longer to ‘get into the spirit’ of Christmas this year and I think a huge part of that was the late timing of Thanksgiving. {I’ve already made several notes to myself in October & November 2014 reminding myself to get an earlier start.} However, once it did hit, I decided to throw off all things unnecessary or stress-inducing and just focus on preparing our hearts. Everything seemed to flow beautifully from that point. Of course, it was not perfect, we’re not perfect. But it was our kind of perfectly imperfect.

Moving forward …

I’m hoping to add a new monthly post inspired by one I recently read over at The Tiny Twig.  The idea is to share monthly goals and then re-cap the previous months goals.

January Goals Encouraging Wordingsource: unknown / found via this pin

I loved these two bits from Haley’s recent post::
“Striving makes you bone-tired and blistered–all burnt out from doing it on your own. … striving is when I see something good and I’m pulling it faster and faster towards me like it’s on the end of a rope. Instead, I want to walk towards the good things in step with Jesus, in His strength and not mine.”


“… that’s what goals are for me. They are the direction I’m aiming and a firmer declaration of the ideas and hopes God has put on my heart. They are not resolutions, they are not be-all-and-end-alls. No way. My goals are held with a super loose hand, and I know that I’ll pivot and abandon and move towards the better that God has for me in 2014.”

I’m naturally a planner and for me, it doesn’t take a new year for a fresh start … every Monday is a fresh start for me. A chance to plan + achieve goals and if it doesn’t work out, re-group on Sunday and get ready for a fresh new Monday. However, I get that January marks a year full of possibility, so it makes sense to start the year off documenting my goals for all of you to see. To help hold me accountable, to help inspire you … but mostly to see that I’m as human and as flawed as you are and I REALLY need Him to make anything happen {from the little to the big}.

January Goals Encouraging Wording via Mintedsource: minted.com

Want to join in? Haley/The Tiny Twig hosts a link-up party on her monthly posts where you can link up and visit other bloggers who are as well.

January Goals::

Sort, purge, re-organize the following 3 spaces upstairs:
Office Area Shelving
Linen Closet
Bonus Room Closets

2013 bookkeeping
Create “ideal” work schedule
Finish my sister’s wedding quilt

Barre3 {workout 3x week}
Finish book {The Book Thief} & start new book

What’s a goal you have for this new Monday of this new month of this new year?!?


  1. kellym76 says:

    Can one of February’s goals be “Go see The Book Thief” with #thevipfour?

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