Handmade Holidays {“Wonky Wedge” Table Runner + DIY}

Hello and Happy Monday!

This week is going to be all about how I incorporated “handmade” into my holidays. There is nothing I love more than giving gifts that have been made or bought with great thought given about the recipient. Going beyond something I know they will ‘probably like’ to making/finding something they will ‘hopefully love.”

{Disclaimer: I often give handmade gifts many months after the actual celebratory event has occurred. People in my life have seemed to accept this (but then again, what choice do they have??) in order to get something handmade from me … I need to get better about planning ahead!!}

Today’s post is all about the table runner I made for my mom for Christmas, but really it was for Mother’s Day … which means I still owe her a Christmas present. I digress.


My mom had requested a table runner for her new RV. As I mentioned in earlier posts, my parents have decided to try their wings {hahaha} at “snowbirding.” They left the cold and snow in ID and headed for the warm and sand in AZ. So, I thought it was only appropriate to make her a new table runner inspired by their new {temporary … TEMPORARY MOM … get back here} digs.

I also had a box-of-fun from the sweet folks at AccuQuilt full of new die cuts just waiting to be used. I decided to try the 9″ Wedge die and went about searching for a pattern/inspiration online. I quickly found a winner that inspired both my design and decision to use Kona solids for the table runner.

Put all that inspiration together and you get::


“Wonky Wedge” Table Runner

The front color inspiration came from the backing/binding fabric ::


DIY Notes::

Fabric ~
Wedges made from:
1/4 YD each ~ Kona cotton (Jade, Tomato & Corn Yellow) & Lime green polka dot print (Vintage Paula Prass, Flights of Fancy {I think})
1/3 YD each ~ Kona cotton (White, Dark Gray)
3/4 YD Fiesta from Sierra by Bren Talavera


I used 30 wedges in total (15 in each ‘row’):
(8) White / Dark Gray & (4) Each Color

– I cut each color wedge fabrics into 5″ x wof (width of fabric) strips (cut 2 strips of white & dark gray) and then sub-cut them into 5″ x 10″ rectangles to fit on the die with little waste. From each strip of fabric I was able to get (4) wedges.

Arrange the wedges to your liking, alternating the narrow end/wide end as you lay out the 2 rows of 15 wedges. Sew each row of wedges together, matching the long sides of wedges. Trim the (2) rows if necessary to create a {mostly} straight long edge. ** Before you sew the two rows together, offset them to your liking so that the wedges don’t perfectly match up along the center seam. ** Sew the two rows (right sides) together along straight long edge. Press seams open.

Trim table runner top piece to 18″ x 32.5″

Cut backing/binding piece to 21-22″ x wof.

Create a quilt sandwich as follows: Backing fabric right side down / Batting centered on backing fabric / Table Runner front right side up directly on top of batting

Quilt as desired, keeping stitching on the table runner top piece.
(I used a wavy ‘straight’ line stitch which ended up creating a bit of a wave to the edges of the wedges. I don’t mind this look, but keep this in mind when choosing your quilting technique.)

Finish table runner using a cheater binding method {my tutorial found here}.


If you don’t have access to an AccuQuilt Go! Cutter or 9″ Wedge die, you can also follow the inspiration table runner tutorial which uses a special ruler. Whether you currently have an AccuQuilt cutter or are interested in investing in one, you can click on my sidebar to access their website, review products and download many {FREE} tutorials.

Disclosure: I received a set of AccuQuilt dies in exchange for my honest review. I was not paid to write this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Affiliate links have been used.


  1. Julie T says:

    So cute!!!!!

  2. We need a picture of it in the RV! :)

  3. you can use the Dresden plate petal also not the round one


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