Handmade Holidays {The Satchel}

This year for Christmas, we followed last year’s “4 gifts” idea for our Little.

“Something you want, something you need, something to wear & something to read.”

Each year I get him a new set of PJ’s that he opens on Christmas Eve so “something to wear” is a given. He is a book lover, “something to read” is a matter of narrowing it down to one special book (this year it was the LEGO IDEA book). Of course, as most almost 10 year olds, the list of wants is fairly extensive, again, it’s a matter of narrowing it down to one thing that doesn’t break the bank (this year it was a simple Lego Bricks & More Builders of Tomorrow set).

The trickiest category by far is “something you need.” I want each gift to be well-loved and I’m pretty sure that something like underwear and socks would be off the charts B-O-R-I-N-G {although wait 20+ years and those are the kinds of things you put on your list, HA!}. I also like to give him something handmade each year … also proving to be tricky the older he gets.

I had the ah-ha moment when I remembered his well-worn church bag that I made him years ago {very quickly and out of cheap “Batman” fabric} that was in embarrassing shape.

Need + Handmade = The Satchel


I used Noodlehead’s “Messenger Bag from Cargo Pants” free tutorial. I had one cargo pant pocket on hand, but had to use brushed twill & quilting cottons {all from the Architextures line} for the remaining pieces. I loved the way it turned out!


But … I wasn’t 100% confident that the bag would be as loved by my Little as it was by me … so I filled it with a few more books.
Well silly me, that stinking bag has barely left his person since Christmas morning. It holds his new camera {thank you Santa}, compass, notepad, pens, current book and anything else he might *need* at a moment’s notice. It’s ridiculous really, but I also can’t help but smile as he puts on his Satchel each evening {it was quickly referred to as his Satchel a’la Indiana Jones} after he’s showered & in his PJ’s. He’s too much!!


Do you try to do a handmade gift for your kiddo(s)?


  1. Julie T says:

    I was looking at that last night and wondered when he got it! Everything he needs at his fingertips!! Very nice

  2. Super cute!! Will he bringing it to church also? I’d love a peek!

  3. How sweet! Super cute bag, but E doesn’t need to know how “cute”!

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