Hey Mom! What’s for Lunch?

I know, this is probably one of those phrases you hate to hear during the day … but wait, this post isn’t about the kiddos, it’s about YOU MOM!

We moms work hard and deserve just as good of a lunch as those kiddos of ours. My Little isn’t at home for lunch any more {whaaaaaaaa}, but even when he was teeny tiny I tried to make lunch time a special little time out for me … even if it meant waiting until 2 or 3 in the afternoon to eat said meal alone in the quiet.

When you work from home I think it’s easy to choose to check off one more to-do rather than allow yourself a lunch break. That’s silly though … a good meal will strengthen your body {and mind}, give you more energy and probably make your more productive. But I totally get just grabbing something quick & easy because the thought of one.more.meal is daunting.

So, I’m sharing my THREE favorite go-to lunches that can easily be made at the beginning of the week and last you several days {especially if you don’t have to share}::

1. Black Bean Soup
{inspired by/based on this recipe}

My version::

(2) cans low-sodium black beans rinsed & drained
(1) can vegetable broth
(1) can Herdez salsa verde {mild … I’m a whimp}
(1) tsp. cumin

Mix everything together in your soup pot of choice and bring to a boil. Reduce to a simmer and use an immersion blender to get the consistency of your liking.
Garnish with sour cream {or plain greek yogurt}, avocado & tortilla chips.

** I bought this immersion blender just for this recipe over 4 years ago. **

2. Quinoa w/ Chicken Sausage & Scrambled Egg
{inspired by/based on the “Breakfast Quinoa” recipe from Bread & Wine}

What I do::
Prepare the quinoa ahead of time according to the package {I usually do 1C dry quinoa which makes close to 4C cooked}. I like to use either low-sodium chicken broth or vegetable broth when preparing.
Combine 1/4 of a diced onion and {1} sliced chicken sausage in saute pan with a little olive oil or butter. Cook until brown. {This step can also be done ahead of time.}
Add a whisked egg to saute pan with chicken/onion mixture and quickly scramble.
Add scrambled egg mixture to a bowl of heated up quinoa. Garnish with goat’s cheese {or fresh mozzarella}.

3.Greek Bread Salad
{based on this recipe}

greeksalad meadowbrook farm{image credit: Meadowbrook Farm}

My modifications:
– black olives {replacing Kalmata olives}
– I don’t toast my pita bread, I just buy pita chips and eat them on the side

All three meals pack some serious protein to fuel you for the rest of the day. They are all packed full of good-for-you foods that also taste really good. And the best part? None of them take very long to prepare and you only have to do that once for 3-4 lunches.

So take some time to plan out your lunches for next week and enjoy the little break in your day to re-charge, okay?

Do you have a favorite lunch? Give me the deets below!


  1. My favorite lunch is what we call chicken avocado bowls. I just mix in corn, black beans, green onions, chicken, avocados, tortilla chips, a little bit of shredded monterey jack, and top with a little bit of light sour cream. So good!!!

  2. Yum-O funny… these are some of my favorites too!! 😉

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